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Jun 19 John Krasinksi To Star In Matt Damon’s Directorial Debut 0
Filed in: General News , Movie News

A few years ago, it seemed like the only time Matt Damon would ever follow his friend Ben Affleck was in an alphabetical list. Both were Oscar-winning screenwriters turned popular leading men but Damon’s choices earned him a much more respectable reputation. However, Affleck has recently become a highly-sought after director and now Damon is hoping to follow his friend into the director’s chair.

It’s been discussed that Damon could direct the baseball wife-swap movie The Trade but he’s also attached to helm Father Daughter Time: A Tale of Armed Robbery and Eskimo Kisses. Now Damon has come out and said that he will direct his first movie early next year and that it’ll star John Krasinski, best known for his work on The Office. Is it Father Daughter Time or something else? Read after the break.

Vulture spoke with Damon at the American Institute for Stuttering 5th Annual Benefit Gala and asked him when he was going to start directing:

I am coming closer to a directorial thing, yes. I’ve got a few things that I really want to direct, and one I’m actually going to start at the first quarter of next year.

He then added, “John Krasinski’s in it.”

Both Vulture and The Playlist believe Damon is talking about Father Daughter Time because The Trade “is having some legal issues.” Father Daughter Time has a cool, but not unfamiliar premise, about “a man who goes on the lam with his daughter on a 3-state crime spree.” Think a smaller, more personal Bonnie and Clyde meets The Professional. But the whole father/daughter thing has shades of not only Hanna but also the upcoming Future Perfect and Blackbird. The questions then come up: how different is this, and is Damon going to be the father or will it be Krasinski?

Damon has worked with some of the best directors in the world (Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, Cameron Crowe, the Coen Brothers, Steven Soderbergh, Gus Van Sant, Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola and more) so he’s basically gone through the best possible film school imaginable. Plus, if he has any questions, he can call Ben Affleck and ask for help.


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Jun 19 Matt Damon’s second round of cards 0
Filed in: Movie News

Matt Damon is apparently in talks to make a sequel to his poker movie Rounders.

The keen card player was spotted meeting Harvey Weinstein and Ocean’s 13 screenwriters Brian Koppelman and David Levien at New York restaurant Cipriani Downtown to begin work on the script to Rounders 2, the New York Post reports.

Edward Norton, who appeared in the first movie, will reportedly reprise his role in the sequel.

In Rounders Matt played a law student who was lured back into gambling by his old friend, an ex-convict, played by Ed.

The 1998 film flopped at the box office but became a cult hit on DVD.
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Jun 19 Damon’s Weiner fundraiser axed 0
Filed in: General News

Matt Damon’s plans to host a fundraiser for U.S. politician Anthony Weiner have been axed in the aftermath of the congressman’s sex scandal.

The married New York representative hit headlines after he admitted lying about sending a saucy picture to a female student via Twitter and confessed to having intimate internet and phone chats with several other women.

The Good Will Hunting star was set to host an event for Weiner at Almond Restaurant in the Big Apple on June 20 with tickets being sold for up to $25,000 each.

However, the fundraiser has now been cancelled in the wake of the scandal engulfing the politician.

Damon tells New York Magazine, “Look, I really support his politics. Anybody who fights for the working class and the middle class, I’ll help in any way I can… (But) it’s going to be postponed now because of all this.”

Source: Canoe News

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Jun 19 Diego Luna to Be Matt Damon’s BFF in ‘Elysium’ 0
Filed in: Movie News

“Elysium” is likely to welcome another actor as a cast member. Diego Luna, Sean Penn’s co-star in “Milk”, is reported to be in negotiations to star in the forthcoming science fiction movie.

Variety broke the news, reporting that the 31-year-old actor will take the role of Julio, the best friend of Matt Damon’s character in the flick. So far, the cast line-up includes Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley and Wagner Moura in addition to Damon.

Production is scheduled to take place this summer to meet U.S. release of March 1, 2013. Directed by Neill Blomkamp, this movie will reportedly contain “many socio-political ideas”. Additionally, it is set 150 years in the future, with Foster starring as the head of state on an alien planet.

A Mexican actor, Luna is best known for his role in 2001’s “Y Tu Mama Tambien”. He also had some supporting roles in American films, including “Before Night Falls”, “Open Range” and “Mister Lonely”. He will portray Gonzalo in “Contraband”, starring opposite Mark Wahlberg.

Source: Ace Showbiz

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Jun 19 Matt Damon’s father is currently battling incurable cancer 0
Filed in: Personal News

Matt Damon’s father is currently battling multiple myeloma.

The actor revealed the news publicly on Wednesday when he and his father, Kent Damon, took part in a benefit for Massachusetts General Hospital.

According to WCVB in Boston, Matt said his 68-year-old father will “fight it to a standstill,” referring to his disease, which is incurable.

Multiple myeloma is an “accumulation of malfunctioning or ‘cancerous’ plasma cells,” according to

According to People, Kent’s disease is in remission.

Matt and his father took part in the One Hundred Celebration at the Westin Hotel in Boston, where the actor thanked the medical staff for their help.

“My family is so grateful for the care you’ve given us,” Matt said at the event. “It’s deeply humbling to see how many people here are committing their lives to helping others.”

The actor added that he didn’t expect cancer to hit his family.

“We’ve lost some close personal friends to cancer in recent years, but I never thought it would happen to my dad, the marathon runner,” Matt reportedly said. “It sucked.”

Source: MSNBC

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Jun 19 Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Good Will Hunting coming to Blu-ray 0
Filed in: Movie News

Lionsgate Films has announced that they will released the Miramax Academy Award-winning film GOOD WILL HUNTING on Blu-ray August 30, 2011. This highly acclaimed film from director Gus Van Sant follows the story of Will Hunting (played by Matt Damon) a janitor at an Ivy League school who is actually a brilliant mathematician but has yet to realize his potential and must decide to either stay in his current position or go onto greater things. The film also stars Damon’s BFF Ben Affleck as well as Robin Williams (who won an Oscar for this role), Minnie Driver, Stellan Skarsgård, Casey Affleck and Cole Hauser. The film also garnered an Oscar for best screenplay which was written by Affleck and Damon.

There aren’t enough positive things to say about this film, so I won’t even go into it. Needless to say you should mark this date on your calendar so you can pick up the film on Blu-ray when it comes out. Special features include:

  • Behind-the-scenes footage
  • Production featurette
  • Deleted scenes
  • “Miss Misery” music video by Elliott Smith
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Audio commentary with director Gus Van Sant and writers/stars Ben Affleck & Matt Damon

Source: Flix 66

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Jun 18 The Adjustment Bureau Coming to Blu-Ray and DVD June 21 0
Filed in: Movie News

I’m happy to share that The Adjustment Bureau is coming to Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD next week on June 21, 2011 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment!  The acclaimed film stars Academy Award® winner Matt Damon (the Bourne series, True Grit) and Golden Globe® winner Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada, The Wolfman) as star-crossed lovers, chased by mysterious forces that threaten to destroy their futures unless they abandon one another.

Both the Blu-ray Combo Pack and the DVD are packed with extras; including deleted and extended scenes, filmmaker commentary and exclusive bonus features that offer behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the film.

Universal City, California, April 19, 2011—A rising politician finds himself caught up in a pulse-pounding, mind-bending conspiracy in The Adjustment Bureau, the acclaimed film coming to Blu-rayTM Combo Pack and DVD on June 21, 2011 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Academy Award® winner Matt Damon (the Bourne series, True Grit) and Golden Globe® winner Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada, The Wolfman) are the star-crossed lovers chased by mysterious forces that threaten to destroy their futures unless they abandon one another. Deleted and extended scenes, filmmaker commentary and exclusive bonus features offer behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the film. Plus, for a limited time only, the Blu-ray Combo Pack of The Adjustment Bureau includes a downloadable digital copy of the film that can be viewed anytime, anywhere, on an array of digital devices.

Written for the screen by George Nolfi (Ocean’s 12, The Bourne Ultimatum) who also makes his directorial debut, The Adjustment Bureau is based on the short story “Adjustment Team,” by visionary writer Philip K. Dick (Total Recall, Minority Report, Blade Runner). The Adjustment Bureau also stars Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker, Eagle Eye), John Slattery (“Mad Men,” Iron Man 2), Michael Kelly (Changeling, Dawn of the Dead) and Terence Stamp (Wanted, Valkyrie).


  • THE LABYRINTH OF DOORS: INTERACTIVE MAP OF NEW YORK – Explore the bustling metropolis of New York City as only a member of the Bureau can: using the intricate network of portals to leap from location to location. Each location will trigger a short video pod, either with a behind-the-scenes look at that location with cast and crew or a scene from the film that took place there.
  • BD-LIVEAccess the BD-Live Center through your Internet-connected player to get even more content, watch the latest trailers and more.
  • pocket BLU™: The groundbreaking pocket BLU™ app uses iPhone®, iPod® touch, Android™, PC and Macintosh to work seamlessly with a network-connected Blu-ray™ player.  Also available on the iPad®, owners can enjoy a new, enhanced edition of pocket BLU made especially to take advantage of the tablet’s larger screen and high resolution display.  Consumers will be able to browse through a library of Blu-ray™ content and watch entertaining extras on-the-go in a way that’s bigger and better than ever before.  pocket BLU™ offers advanced features such as:
    • Advanced Remote Control: A sleek, elegant new way to operate your Blu-ray™ player. Users can navigate through menus, playback and BD-Live™ functions with ease.
    • Video Timeline: Users can easily bring up the video timeline, allowing them to instantly access any point in the film.
    • Mobile-To-Go: Users can unlock a selection of bonus content with their Blu-ray™ discs to save to their device or to stream from anywhere there is a Wi-Fi network, enabling them to enjoy content on the go, anytime, anywhere.
    • Browse Titles: Users will have access to a complete list of pocket BLU™-enabled titles available and coming to Blu-ray™ Hi-Def.  They can view free previews and see what additional content is available to unlock on their device.
    • Keyboard: Entering data is fast and easy with your device’s intuitive keyboard.
  • uHEAR:  Never miss another line of dialogue with this innovative feature that instantly skips back a few seconds on your Blu-ray disc and turns on the subtitles for the section you couldn’t hear!
  • MY MOVIES:  Consumers can rent a variety of Universal favorites such as Meet the Parents, Fast & Furious, Mamma Mia!, Coraline, Knocked Up, The 40-Year-Old-Virgin, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, or Role Models for $2.99 each, to instantly stream via BD-Live, the pocket BLU app or on the web at


  • LEAPING THROUGH NEW YORK – An inside look at how the production team filmed David Norris’ (Matt Damon) race to the courthouse, featuring interviews with Damon, director George Nolfi, special effects coordinator Mark Russell and producers Michael Hackett and Chris Moore.
  • DESTINED TO BEThe Adjustment Bureau provided Matt Damon with his first opportunity to play a true romantic lead in a feature film. Co-star Emily Blunt, director George Nolfi and Damon himself reflect on this new role for the star and the relationship between David Norris and Blunt’s character, Elise Sellas.
  • BECOMING ELISE A look at Emily Blunt’s dance training for the role of Elise. Blunt, Matt Damon, George Nolfi and Blunt’s dance choreographer discuss her transformation from slender actress to well-muscled athlete.

Thanks to Rachel Glitin for the news and these exclusive details about the DVD!

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Jun 18 Matt Damon is #37 in the PopSugar 100! 0
Filed in: General News

You voted and the results are in for the 2011 PopSugar 100! We at PopSugar are excited to announce that Matt Damon earned the #37 spot on our list!

We are so excited that Matt is on our list this year and I’m sure you and your readers are just as thrilled!

Check out the full list to see if your other favorite celebrities made it:

You can also view how Matt ranked in specificcategories and where he placed in previous years. Head on over to to check it out!

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