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Mar 24 Hereafter On Demand! 0
Filed in: Movie News

“Hereafter” is available via Movies on Demand beginning this Tuesday, March 15. You can enjoy the movie again from the comfort of their own homes and without waiting in long lines at the local video store! Thanks for considering and enjoy buttering up the popcorn!

Thanks to Stephanie for the heads up!

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Mar 19 David Letterman Hereafter Interview Pt 1 & 2! 0
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Mar 19 Hereafter Interviews! 0
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CBS Early Show

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Mar 19 The Adjustment Bureau Photo Uploads! 0
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poster.jpg poster5.jpg poster7.jpg poster4.jpg

AdjustmentBureau17.JPG AdjustmentBureau03.jpg AdjustmentBureau05.jpg AdjustmentBureau17.jpg AdjustmentBureau25.jpg

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Mar 19 Cinemax Interview with Adjustment Bureau Part 2 & 3 0
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Mar 19 WGAL NBC News Interview with Emily and Matt! 0
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Mar 19 ET Interview from 1992!! 0
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Mar 19 Five-Ku: Short Poems on the Films of Matt Damon 0
Filed in: General News

Your “Good Will Hunting”
‘Twas a masterpiece. It’s true:
We liked them apples.

You played the private
In “Saving Private Ryan.”
Saved? Died? Can’t recall.

Who was Jason Bourne?
An American James Bond
Without all the sex.

You’ll soon be playing
Liberace’s muse. Homework:
Shine candelabra.

Your best role? No way.
But best- named role: “Glory Daze”’s
Edgar Pudwhacker

Source: New York Times

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Mar 19 Clint Eastwood to donate ”Hereafter” profits to Japan 0
Filed in: Charitable Causes , General News , Movie News

Los Angeles, Mar 18 (PTI) Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood has offered to donate money from the DVD sales of his latest movie ”Hereafter” to help aid efforts in Japan, just days after the film was pulled from cinemas in the country due to its tsunami scenes.

The veteran actor/director”s latest film, starring Matt Damon, was removed from movie theatres in Japan in the aftermath of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the tidal wave which devastated parts of the country last Friday.

The scenes featuring a character who survives the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami were deemed to be “inappropriate” in light of recent events.

Eastwood and bosses at the Warner Bros studio have now stepped forward, offering to help those affected by the disaster by donating money from the film”s DVD and Blue-ray sales to the Japanese Red Cross Society, reported Los Angeles Times.

“The devastation and loss Japan is facing is almost incomprehensible. I”m glad to join Warner Bros. in this effort to help the Japanese people,” Eastwood said in a statement.

Kevin Tsujihara, president of Warner Bros Home Entertainment Group, added, “Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Japan. We are committed to supporting relief and rebuilding efforts during this difficult time.” PTI BB VSS

Source: Yahoo! News

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Mar 19 Matt Damon an Expert on Disney Princesses! 0
Filed in: General News , Personal News

MATT Damon is in expert when it comes to princesses!

The actor — who raises four daughters with his wife Luciana — says he’s first and foremost a father.

“No job is as important to me as my role as father,” he said.

“Whenever I get the impression that a project is taking me away from my family too much, I get out of it.

“I do actually know all of the Disney princesses unfortunately. Disney knows exactly how to speak to three year olds — unbelievable!

“It’s a wonderful new world. I’m really happy that I have daughters. My brother has two sons that are teenagers now. And they’re like a different species!”

Matt admits that being a father of four makes his days “totally crazy.”

“As soon as the alarm clock rings, you have the feeling that you’re running all day long,” the actor says. “But we knew that it would be like this as soon as we brought the [youngest one] home the first night… After a while we got used to the rhythm of it.”

Source: Showbiz Spy

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