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Jan 31 Media Vault Update! 0
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I have been planning this update for a while, so please be patient while I work out the kinks!

I do not know about other people but for some reason, the flash for the media vault was always weird for me and I always get an error when visiting it in Firefox. Adobe Flash always had an error and I was asked to abort the script. Then, I realized that PHPMotion, the video script we use for the vault, was outdated so I decided to make an enormous update to the latest version! It was a complicated process but we are done!!

In my opinion, the new script is 100x times better than the old one and as of now…Matt Damon Fan’s Media Vault is all updated! Yay! So whip by and check out the brand new vault!

Unfortunately, I do not have a fancy theme up at the moment but all the videos should still be accessible. So browse around and let me know if you run into any problems :)

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Jan 28 Michael Douglas eager to kiss Matt Damon in ‘Liberace’ 0
Filed in: Movie News

Michael Douglas is back from cancer and ready to act, telling Extra he’s more than ready to play his role as Liberace in, well, Liberace. Could that be because he gets to kiss Matt Damon, who is playing Liberace’s lover Scott Thorson?

“Every once in a while we send little emails back to each other (and ask), ‘What flavor ChapStick do you wear?;” Douglas says of his costar. “He’s got a great attitude about it and very brave on his part. I’m not sure in the prime of my career, I would necessarily be jumping and diving into this role. It’s a bold choice, but he makes bold choices.”

Well, choosing the flamboyant piano player isn’t the safest decision, but Douglas has his reasons: “It’s just nice to be play a nice guy after playing all the villains.” he said. “People kind of inherently just picked up on his joy and graciousness, on how much fun he was having!”

Well, maybe not the real-life Thorson, who was a drug addict who evetually sued Liberace for $113 million after years of being in a secret and allegedly abusive relationship with the star, who died in 1987. What a nice guy!

Source: Tampabay

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Jan 28 Matt Damon Hoping To Make Another Bourne Movie 0
Filed in: Movie News

While Matt Damon will not be returning for ‘The Bourne Legacy,’ he is hopeful that he and director Paul Greengrass can work together in a few years for ‘Bourne 5′

The fourth film in the Bourne franchise is happening but it’s been confirmed for a while that star Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass will not be involved. Instead, the studio is pushing forward with The Bourne Legacy which, despite its title, does not feature the character of Jason Bourne at all.

The Bourne Legacy will follow another new character who has to deal with the results of the events of the Matt Damon trilogy, while Jason Bourne still lives in the background. While everyone can agree we’d rather have Greengrass and Damon back to make a legitimate sequel, at least this studio-motivated idea allows for them to return in the future should Greengrass gain interest.

The main reason Damon isn’t back for Legacy is because he has publicly stated on many occasions that he will not make a Bourne movie without Paul. Instead, Tony Gilroy was brought in to write and direct the fourth Bourne installment which will have nothing to do with the story of Eric Lustbader’s novel for which they’re using the title from.

We don’t know much about the history of this new character other than he’s an assassin who went through the same training/brainwashing Bourne went through. As for who will play the new covert elite, the latest rumors have James Franco as a candidate for the part.

If it does well, we can guarantee another sequel for the new character or Bourne’s, or even a mix of the two where they work together. But again, that depends on Paul Greengrass’ return as Matt Damon is very hopeful that he can play Bourne again a few years down the line. In speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Damon spoke honestly of his hopes and the situation.

“I really hope it’s going to happen. It’s really up to Paul Greengrass, the director. I’ve always said I won’t do it without him and I think it would be a bad idea to do it without Paul.”

If the pair should decide to work with Universal Pictures again on Bourne 5, it will have to be a few years into the future as Greengrass has other projects lined up first.

“I think Paul’s probably going to do one or two other films that he’s got kind of cooking but after that [maybe they would start working on a Bourne film],” he continued. “I think it’s kind of the thing where enough time has passed that I think it won’t matter if we wait five more years to do it.”

Unlike most trilogies of the last decade, Greengrass and Damon actually succeeded in delivering a third installment with Ultimatum that was not only good, but arguably the best of the series. When and if they return, they want to ensure they’re coming back to make another solid film for fans of the franchise.

“We just want to make sure if we do it, that we do it right. There’s been a lot of pressure for us to do it obviously but that’s that moment I think where you got to step back and make sure you’re not making a mistake. So when it feels like the right time, I think Paul would be open to doing it.”

Paul, Matt, you guys should have made Bourne 4 instead of The Green Zone.

Source: Screenrant

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Jan 28 Matt Damon slams ‘charlatan’ psychics 0
Filed in: General News , Movie News

Matt Damon has described psychics as “charlatans” following his work on Clint Eastwood’s supernatural drama Hereafter.

Damon plays a psychic in the film, but claimed that he refused to meet with any actual practitioners during his research for the role.

“Had I found a good one I would have,” Damon told Bang Showbiz. “What I was worried about was that it was just going to take me down this rabbit hole of charlatans.

“I think a large part of that space is occupied by pretenders, which is not to say there aren’t people out there who are genuinely touched in some way,” the actor explained.

Damon claimed that he did however talk with Martin Sheen in preparation for Hereafter, due to Sheen’s claim to have had a near-death experience after suffering a heart attack.

“He told me his incredible story one day when we were working on The Departed together,” Damon added, suggesting that he wasn’t a complete cynic.

Hereafter was released in late 2010.

Source: Digital Spy

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Jan 28 Matt Damon desperate to work with Ben Affleck 0
Filed in: General News

Matt Damon plans to reunite with Ben Affleck in 2011.

The Hereafter actor – who has four-year-old Isabella, two-year-old Gia, and three-month old Stella with wife Luisiana, as well as raising her 11-year-old daughter Alexia from a previous marriage – is desperate to make progress on a venture he and his Good Will Hunting writing partner have been discussing for a long time as their family commitments have always got in the way.

He said: “We’ve been talking about it for years, so hopefully we’ll get to do it. But we also want to make our own film. We’ve been trying to work together again for 10 years now, but life has taken us in different directions.

“Having small kids is big. Most of your energy goes there. Having small kids and living in different cities just means that you don’t see each other a lot.”

Matt is a big fan of the work his friend – who has daughters Violet, five, and two-year-old Seraphina with wife Jennifer Garner – has done, both in acting and directing, and particularly admires the way Ben handles criticism.

He added: “When his film The Town came out and just did so well I was so proud and happy. He dealt with a lot of shit for a lot of years that was unjustified and was the butt of a lot of jokes. So to watch all those people who have to eat their words; he was a bigger man about it than I was. I’m petty enough to really care about that stuff and laugh at the demise of all these idiots that just don’t know talent when they see it.

“There aren’t many people who the industry views as just being able to pull an idea out of the air: write it, direct it and star in it. So now I’m just looking for a job from him.”

BANG Showbiz

Source: 3 News

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Jan 28 Matt Damon ‘finds aging appealing’ 0
Filed in: General News

Matt Damon has described his Invictus colleagues Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman as making aging look “appealing”.

The 40-year-old star, who reunites with Eastwood for upcoming drama Hereafter, revealed that the duo had managed to quell his fears about growing old.

“Clint makes the other side of the hill look pretty appealing,” he explained to Contactmusic. “I was doing an interview for Invictus a year ago with Morgan Freeman and when somebody mentioned I was going to be 40, Morgan said that I was coming into the best two decades of my life.

“So to see guys that I really admire say that – and as vigorous as those guys are – it wasn’t a big traumatic thing. Maybe I’m gonna freak out or something, but it hasn’t happened yet.”

Damon, who received an Oscar nomination for his Invictus performance, also expressed delight at having the chance to work with screen legend Eastwood once again.

He said: “I hope this is the second of ten movies with Clint. I was really happy he called. He didn’t even have to give me such a wonderful script. He could have called with anything really and I would have done it.”

Hereafter is released in the UK on January 28.

Source: Digital Spy

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Jan 28 Want to be an extra in a Matt Damon movie? 0
Filed in: Movie News

Want to hang out in S.F., maybe meet/glimpse Matt Damon, Jude Law, Kate Winslet or Gwyneth Paltrow and earn some cash?

Extras are need for the new action-thriller “Contagion,” starring all of the above and directed by Steven Soderbergh. Open call castings are this weekend (Jan. 29 and 30), and they’re seeking Bay Area people 18 and over of “all shapes, sizes, types and any ethnicity” to be extras in the flick. Filming starts on February 9 and goes through Feb. 19.

Interested? Bring a pen and a recent color photo of yourself to one of the following locations:

January 29, 2011 (2-6 p.m.)
Fort Mason Center
Landmark Building C
Room C260


January 30, 2011 (10 a.m.-4 p.m.)
Embarcadero YMCA
169 Steuart Street, San Francisco

For details:

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