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Jul 16 Matt Damon may buy “Zoo” with Cameron Crowe 0
Filed in: Movie News

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Matt Damon is in early talks to team up with Cameron Crowe for “We Bought a Zoo,” the true story of a man who used his life savings to buy a dilapidated zoo, replete with 200 exotic animals facing destruction, in the English countryside.

Damon would play Benjamin Mee who, along with his children, balanced caring for his terminally ill wife, with dealing with escaped tigers, raising endangered animals, working with an eclectic skeleton crew and readying the zoo for a reopening.

The project is based on Mee’s memoir of the same name.

“Zoo” would mark a departure for Damon, who tends to make more dramatic or action-oriented thrillers. He next stars in the supernatural thriller “The Adjustment Bureau.”

“Zoo” with its blend of animals and heartstrings, may occupy similar terrain as Fox’s 2008 “Marley & Me.” And with the input of Crowe, making his first film since 2005’s “Elizabethtown,” the movie could end up juggling light moments with drama like “Jerry Maguire.”

Source: Reuters

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Jul 16 Matt Damon gets adjusted 0
Filed in: Movie News

Poor Matt Damon. Maybe it’s just that he works too hard. Last year, the Oscar winner was scheduled to bring out three movies in the fall and saw Universal move one (“Green Zone”) into March of the following year. This coming fall, it will happen again.

Universal announced Wednesday morning that it was pushing the “The Adjustment Bureau,” the Philip K. Dick-derived sci-fi romance in which Damon plays a politician opposite Emily Blunt’s mysterious ballerina, from its initial Sept. 17 date to March 4.

Damon will instead concentrate on his two other fall films: the Coen brothers’ “True Grit” remake (which Scott Rudin is producing and which will no doubt demand some serious awards-season promotion time, as Scott Rudin films are wont to demand) and the Clint Eastwood thriller “Hereafter.” The latter comes out in December; the former in October.

In fact, the pattern is remarkably similar to last year, when Damon had an awards-season auteur movie (Steven Soderbergh’s “The Informant”) and a Clint Eastwood film (“Invictus”) take pride of place over a Universal play. Damon and his wife are also expecting a child in the early fall, so he’s cutting back to just two movies for the season.

Universal’s “Adjustment” adjustment set off/was part of a flurry of other scheduling moves by the studio. Few others were of great consequence, though the James Cameron-produced underwater adventure “Sanctum” will now come out a month earlier, on Feb. 4, (it had been set for the March 4 slot). And the studio has moved from February to September “Devil,’ a claustrophobic horror film that’s produced by the company of the airbender, M. Night Shyamalan (and had been commonly referred to as “The Night chronicles,” the name of a series).

Incidentally, the Damon switch means that it’s the second movie of the fall-spring season about mystical events surrounding a ballerina. Darren Aronofsky follows up his tour de force “The Wrestler” with “Black Swan,’ about mysterious goings-on at the New York ballet, in a likely fall release. And they say Hollywood has abandoned the highbrow.

Source: LA Times

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Jul 9 Adjustment Bureau Moves to 2011 0
Filed in: Movie News

With M. Night Shyamalan-written DEVIL coming on its original release date of Sept. 17, the Philip K. Dick-based thriller THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU has been moved to March 4, 2011, reports Now the Matt Damon and Emily Blunt starrer from Universal will face off against Gore Verbinski’s animated RANGO.

In other release news, Universal’s sci-fi flick SKYLINE will arrive on November 12 and Rogue Pictures’ SANCTUM 3D will hit theaters on February 4, 2011.

Source: Animation World Network

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Jul 8 2010 WSOP Ante Up For Africa: Matt Damon 0
Filed in: Charitable Causes , General News

2010 WSOP Ante Up For Africa: Matt Damon from

Go to Pokerlistings for more information. Thanks to Chirs!

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Jul 8 Small Reminder 0
Filed in: Site Updates

I would like to remind everyone again of our disclaimer:

MattDamonFan.Org is an unofficial website dedicated to support and promote the career of Matt Damon. The site does not know nor is affiliated with Matt Damon or his management. Do not send the site mail or messages for Matt, he will not be able to receive them.

Over the past couple of months, I have been receiving A LOT of messages directly addressed to Matt Damon. Please stop sending them to me.

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Jul 7 Matt Damon Says His Wife Keeps the Family Running Smoothly 0
Filed in: General News , Personal News

If Matt Damon wants to find out anything about his wife’s pregnancy he just needs to ask their kids.

“They track its progress in mommy’s belly,” he said Saturday while attending the Ante Up for Africa charity poker event in Las Vegas.

His wife, Luciana, is set to deliver the couple’s fourth child this fall. They currently have three daughters: Alexia, 11, who is Luciana’s child from a previous marriage, Isabella, 4, and Gia, 22 months.

The kids “are very excited” about another addition to the family, Damon, 39, said.

But being a family man and major motion picture star isn’t easy for the former Sexiest Man Alive. Damon credits “a great wife” for helping him juggle his responsibilities.

“She really keeps it together,” he said at the poker event at the Rio All Suites Hotel, hosted by Oceans 11 pal Don Cheadle. “We just talk it out and work it all out. You say, this is the job and this is the time commitment and this is where it will be. I’m a lot easier to hire if you’re doing movies in New York.”

Source: People

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Jul 7 Matt Damon Goes Overboard in 1Goal PSA 0
Filed in: General News

He’s ready to take a couple of licks to the kisser to help the children.

We all know Matt Damon is intense and driven. How else could he manage to pull off his lean and mean Jason Bourne physique, gain 40 pounds for The Informant!, then bounce right back into shape for Green Zone and The Adjustment Bureau — all within three years? If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

And Mr. Damon is every bit as devoted to his other, non-acting projects. Sometimes a bit too devoted, as he demonstrated in an episode of Entourage last season, when he wouldn’t leave Vince alone about donating money to a children’s charity.

Now, Damon is at it again, portraying his exaggerated “Matt Damon who cares way too intensely in a scary way about charity” version of himself in a new PSA for 1Goal, the World Cup’s global education charity. This time, however, it’s Jessica Alba bearing the wrath of Damon. He’d also like to fight some people for 1Goal, because that’s how strongly he feels about it (uh, Matt? Violence is never the answer.) The diva version of John Legend, who was told he’d have a piano, not a soccer ball, also makes a cameo.

Source: Tonic

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