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Dec 30 Bourne Ultimatium Uploads! 0
Filed in: Site Updates

As I promised, I am working on rebuilding the gallery and I decided to start with the Bourne Ultimatium movie section. I have re-uploaded the movie stills and the posters but even better, we have ALL of the movie captures for the movie up already. I want to thank the amazing Vanessa @ Celebrity-Scans.Com for donating 500+ caps of the movie to us. It was VERY thoughtful of her to do it for everyone, which saves me so much time and effort. Thanks so much Vanessa!!

Enjoy the uploads :)

Bourne-Ultimatium38.JPG Bourne-Ultimatium78.JPG Bourne-Ultimatium275.JPG Bourne-Ultimatium358.JPG Bourne-Ultimatium382.JPG Bourne-Ultimatium407.JPG Bourne-Ultimatium495.JPG Bourne-Ultimatium520.JPG

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Dec 30 Matt Damon’s Australian invasion on board The World cruise ship 0
Filed in: Personal News

HOLLYWOOD star Matt Damon looks to be headed to Sydney for New Year’s Eve on board one of the most luxurious private ocean liners on the planet.

After charming the locals at Batemans Bay this week, Damon (or a man who looked suspiciously like him) happily signed autographs for staff and customers at the Batehaven Fish Shop on Sunday, warmly responding and signing the megastar’s name before signing a petition to support a local delicacy – vodka dipping sauce. Yesterday came yet another sighting.

“He came in and we recognized him and he was after some prawns,” fish shop owner Bluey Hetherington told Confidential.

“He tried our vodka sauce and really liked it. We want to get the sauce into supermarkets and we have a book in the shop for people to sign and endorse it. We have names of people from all over the world.

“He wrote ‘Awesome – Matt Damon and daughter from the USA’ and I’ve laminated that page.”

Visitor Maureen French told Confidential she spotted Damon in Batemans Bay yesterday and he happily signed an autograph for her.

“He said he was here holidaying with his family and loving it – he was a really nice bloke,” Ms French said.

Damon, or his doppelganger, is one of 250 passengers and crew on the private cruise ship The World, which is made up of privately owned cabins, some of which are rented for between $1000 and $2000 a day.

It spent Sunday and Monday moored in Batemans Bay after arriving from Eden having first tailed the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race out of Sydney. Late yesterday it was making it’s way back up the south coast headed to Sydney where it will arrive in Darling Harbour at 1pm on Thursday for the New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Damon, who has previously been to Australia to promote films, looks to have become a frequent albeit silent visitor to these shores.

This time last year Confidential took telephone calls concerning Damon hiring a house on the Northern Beaches.

Source: News.Com.Au

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Dec 30 The Things They Say 0
Filed in: General News

“I’m working on another movie then, so I’ll probably have to watch it on TV. I’m going to be in England. It’s another Clint Eastwood movie… called Hereafter. I’ll be with Dirty Harry watching the Super Bowl.”

–MATT DAMON on his plans for February’s (10) big American football party.

Source: Hollywood.Com

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Dec 24 Merry Christmas From Matt Damon Fan! 0
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I want to wish everyone a warm and happy Christmas filled with nothing but joy! Thanks for sticking with the site through everything and still coming back. I hope you do like the new layout btw :)   Have a lovely holiday season!!

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Dec 24 More Photoshoot Re-Adds! 0
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Hey everyone! I am in the process of cleaning out my computer and adding everything Matt into the gallery. I honestly cannot remember how I still have these Matt photoshoots but they still here.  My good friend, Marcie is most likely to thank for most of it she has sent me so much stuff over the years that its hard for me to keep track of. I also have Matt’s scans from Details Magazine, a very popular Matt magazine scan. Thanks so much hun! Anyways, enjoy these re-adds including Matt’s Arena Magazine photoshoot which is a fan favorite :)

001.jpg 04.jpg 04.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 01.jpg 04.jpg

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Dec 24 Adjustment Bureau Production Photos! 0
Filed in: Movie News , Site Updates

Matt is filming a new movie, The Adjustment Bureau, with the gorgeous Emily Blunt (for more information visit the IMDB page linked in the sidebar) and we have some production stills from the movie. He looks very handsome in a suit and she is always looking beautiful. Enjoy!

adjustmentproductionphoto01.jpg adjustmentproductionphoto07.jpg adjustmentproductionphoto17.jpg adjustmentproductionphoto16.jpg adjustmentproductionphoto19.jpg

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Dec 23 Happy New Layout! 0
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Hello everyone! I know that is has been a VERY VERY long time since I have changed the layout here and guess what? I agree! The site needed a change so here it is! Thanks to my lovely friend Lucy for designing our new header that uses one of my favorite Matt photoshoots. It does have gray in it but it definitely has more color than the previous one and just looks different! Lol. Besides a new header, we have a new layout as well with a brand new look with a sidebar on the right versus the left. It also now has a latest image box, updated content in it and just overall a smoother and more clean look than our previous look. What do you guys think of this new layout?

PLEASE let us know via a comment if you notice any errors or dead links because I am still working on cleaning the site from the hack a couple of months ago and now this layout change. Thanks so much!

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Dec 17 SAG Nomination! 0
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Congratulations to Matt for his SAG nomination!!

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role
• Matt Damon,
• Woody Harrelson, The Messenger
• Christopher Plummer, The Last Station
• Stanley Tucci, The Lovely Bones
• Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds

He is against some tough competition but with his Golden Globe nominations earlier this week, Matt’s chances of an Oscar nomination seem good *knock on wood*.  Also, his co-star Morgan Freeman was also nominated. Its been a good week for the movie!

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Dec 17 Unicef Ball Photos! 0
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Last week, Matt joined his Ocean’s buddies to honor their Ocean’s producer Jerry Weintraub at the Unicef Ball. And guess what? We have the pics for you. Enjoy!

unicef01.jpg unicef02.jpg unicef03.jpg unicef04.jpg

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Dec 17 Photoshoot Readds! 0
Filed in: Site Updates

As you all know, the site lost its entire gallery a couple of months back. Luckily, I have a backup of the site from 2007 and *finally* readded all of the photoshoots that I have. I know that the site had more but the 15 sessions now will have to do until I can find/update with more. So whip by the photoshoot section and check out some notable ones below:

assorted-03.jpg MattDamon02.jpg snl01.jpeg photoshoot12-01.jpeg leatherjacket04.jpg tuxphotoshoot05.jpg leatherpants04.jpg blueps-02.jpg todd-plitt11.jpg 03.jpg 02.jpg bournephotoshoot4.jpg

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