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Aug 19 The Informant!’ expected to open in Decatur on Sept. 18 0
Filed in: Movie News

DECATUR – Decatur residents can expect Steven Soderbergh’s film, “The Informant!” to arrive in local theaters Friday, Sept. 18. A representative at Warner Bros. said the Matt Damon film, which was partially shot in Decatur in May 2008, is going into wide release that day.

The film will premiere at the Venice Film Festival on Monday, Sept. 7, and then will be shown at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday, Sept. 11, the representative said.

There has been some confusion about when the film would open in Decatur since it isn’t a major market, but the representative said the film will be available to all theaters Sept. 18.

Skip Huston, owner of The Avon Theater, said his theater will have a copy of the film on that day. Managers at the two local Carmike theaters said they are not sure when they will receive copies of the film.

Source: Herald Review

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Aug 19 Anthony Mackie cast in Matt Damon’s Adjustment 0
Filed in: Movie News

Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker) has been cast in The Adjustment Bureau, MRC’s sci-fi thriller for Universal with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt starring and George Nolfi directing from his own script, Variety reported:

The Adjustment Bureau, adapted from Philip K. Dick’s short story, centers on a smooth-talking congressman whose political future is thrown in doubt by the arrival of a mysterious ballerina in his life.

The Adjustment Bureau” will shoot in New York immediately following the wrap of Macki’s New York play The Bacchae.

Source: Sci Fi Wire

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Aug 19 Matt Damon is scared of ‘Twitter’ 0
Filed in: General News

London, Aug 16 (PTI) While every Hollywood celebrity seems to be hooked to ‘Twitter’, actor Matt Damon has revealed that he is scared of joining it.

The actor is scared of being bombarded by strange messages from his fans.

The ‘Bourne Identity’ star is afraid to join the social networking website after his wife had a bad time handling her account on it, Femalefirst reported.

“I’m actually so busy. I’m out of touch with a lot of people that I want to be in touch with, but I’m afraid to go on one of those networks. My wife did it recently, and she was so inundated that she kind of ran out of time,” the 39-year-old actor said.

Apparently Damon is not the only celebrity to voice his concerns against the micro-blogging website with Rapper Kid Rock going as far as terming ‘Twitter’ gay.

Source: Indolink

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Aug 9 Welcome Mr. Pattinson.Com! 0
Filed in: Site Updates

I would just like to welcome the fantastic and wonderful Mr Pattinson.Com to our top affiliate family! The site has a gorgeous layout, the most up to date content, and is the best source out there for everything Rob :)

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Aug 5 Congrats to Matt Damon’s Top 10 Pop Sugar Finish! 0
Filed in: General News

He is only behind the amazing Rob Pattinson, Johnny Depp, George Clooney,  Brad Pitt, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Aniston, and Reese Witherspoon…so at least he is joined by the most wonderful of people :)

This is what PopSugar’s 100 listing had to say about him:

8. Matt Damon

Matt Damon scored a top 10 spot on the PopSugar 100 for a second year in a row. He welcomed his baby daughter, Gia, in August then spent the next few months campaigning for Obama. He continued to play humanitarian throughout the year and kept busy filming The Informant, Green Zone, and The Human Factor about Nelson Mandela’s life in South Africa, but we’re most excited about his confirmation of returning for a fourth Bourne.

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Aug 3 Not Bourne to do it? 0
Filed in: Movie News

MATT Damon has revealed that the fourth Bourne Identity film is not yet finished, and he will not star in it if the script is not up to par.

Universal Pictures had initially planned to release the latest installment this year, while producer Frank Marshall said in April that it was pushed back to summer 2011 and that a screenplay would be ready by June.
However, The Talented Mr Ripley star admitted that he is still to see a draft, Sci-Fi Wire reports.

He said: “None us have kind of seen (a script) yet, and Paul’s [Greengrass] still cutting a movie that we worked on, so we’ll get together and talk about it.”

Damon added that he will only reprise his Jason Bourne role if the script is up to par, saying: “Oh yeah, we won’t do it unless it’s good. Promise.”

The actor confirmed earlier that the screenplay will be based on an original concept.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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Aug 2 New Informant Posters! 0
Filed in: Movie News , Personal News , Site Updates

Hey everyone! The Informant will be coming out next month so all of the promotional goodies are finally being released. We finally get a good look at the two movie posters and I just found out that the movie’s official website has been launched. Go here to visit it.

TheInformant_Unbelievable.jpg the-informant-new-poster.jpg

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