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This is a fansite that is not associated with Matt Damon in any shape or form. I established and run this site with the sole intention of providing a place for Matt Damon fans to keep up to date with his various projects. Please do not send the site or contact it in regards to any matters, it will not reach Matt.

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Meaningful Distractions is trying to rank the top ten sexiest Barack Obama supporters and if I do say so myself, the choices are tough :)

Matt is up against:
1) Will Smith
2) Brad Pitt
3) Denzel Washington
4) Common
5) George Clooney
6) Adam Rodriquez
7) Taye Diggs
8) Edward Norton (OMG…he is so hot, I am so torn =/)
9) Usher

Whip by Meaningful Distraction and voice your opinion!

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Jul 31 Matt Damon is #9 on PopSugar’s 100 List 0
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We have recently announced the second annual PopSugar 100 list and in case you missed it Matt Damon was #9!,91

We calculated over 20 million votes and the list is formulated based on our readers votes on each celebrity likability, talent, style, class and looks. We then mixed in our

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Jul 30 Gallery Banner!! 0
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I want to thank the fantastic Lucy for creating a pretty beautiful gallery banner for the site. I decided that it was time to change the previous banner by Atomic since it had been blue since practically its opening. Whip by the gallery to see it :) If you want too, comment to let me know what you think of it.

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Jul 28 ‘Informant’ star Matt Damon blabs 0
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For Matt Damon, this summer has been one of gains and losses.

He’s preparing for the birth of his second daughter, helping launch a charity and hoping for some major reductions around his waistline.

Damon, 37, is working overtime to drop the 30 pounds he packed on to play a whistle-blower in Steven Soderbergh’s 2009 drama The Informant. He has to shed the weight by early September to be svelte for re-shoots of the Paul Greengrass drama Green Zone, in which he plays a soldier looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

“If you put it on, it’s easier to get it back off,” he says.

His weight-loss strategy: “I’m just boxing. I figure if you get hit enough times, it will fall off.”

The former Sexiest Man Alive jokes that People magazine took back the title. “Now I’m the Sexiest Man Alive’s chunky cousin.”

Speaking from his Miami home, Damon says that, except for the Green Zone reshoots, he’s “taking the rest of the year off, and I’m just hanging out with my family.”

Wife Luciana is “due soon,” and the baby will join Isabella, 2, and Damon’s stepdaughter, Alexia, 9. “I’m so outnumbered down here, it’s crazy,” jokes Damon of his girl-powered household.

The couple haven’t yet picked out a name. “We decided to wait till she’s born, and then we’re going to get a look at her and we’ll probably keep debating it,” he says.

His other “baby” he’s prepping for is the launching of One X One Foundation’s U.S. operations, with a San Francisco gala on Oct. 23. The charity, started in Canada, helps children worldwide.

“It’s about helping kids,” Damon says. “It’s not like before I was a father I was like, ‘The hell with those kids.’ But something does shift when you have a child of your own. It’s hard not to look at every child as somehow connected to you.”

Damon was inspired by Bono and his ONE campaign to fight poverty. Part of Damon’s duties: recruiting talent for events.

“I have to make calls. Sheryl Crow is going to play at one of our events. It’s the easiest call in the world to make,” Damon says. “I just tell what the charity is about, and everyone wants to do anything they can.”

Source: USA Today

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Jul 24 Gallery Hits! 0
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The gallery now has more than 1,000,000 hits! I can’t believe it!! Thanks so much to the visitors :)

Let’s keep it up and I will be celebrating by putting a new theme ASAP :)

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Jul 24 Celebrity BFFs: Matt and Ben 0
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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have been close friends since they were kids growing up in Boston. The two even won an Academy Award together for writing “Good Will Hunting,” which won Best Original Screenplay in 1997.

Source: Yahoo!

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Jul 20 Added Videos: Showest Speech, Oceans 12 Junketing! 0
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Jul 18 Sarah Silverman’s ‘Matt Damon’ Song Up for Emmy 0
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For Sarah Silverman, this has been a week of good news and bad news.

First, the bad: On Monday, it was reported, she and boyfriend of five years, Jimmy Kimmel broke up.

Now, the good: On Thursday Silverman, 37, was one of those lucky enough to be nominated for an Emmy.

But, now for the weird news: the TV Academy nod is linked to what she did on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, an over-the-top music video in which she and the Sexiest Man Alive flaunted their (fictitious and funny) affair to Kimmel, all set to music in a ditty titled, “I’m F—— Matt Damon”.

The Emmy nominating committee clearly liked what it heard. Silverman is up for the gold in the category of outstanding original music and lyrics, along with her fellow writer-composers on the ditty Tony Barbieri, Wayne McClammy, Sal Iacono, and Dan Warner.

Their competition for the statuette are those who wrote the song “I Ain’t Got No Rhythm” for the Disney Channel’s Disney Phineas And Ferb; “The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)” and “Inner City Pressure,” both from HBO’s Flight of the Conchords; and “Sad Fitty Cent,” from FOX’s MADtv.

Only, so far, there’s been no reaction on her nomination from composer-comedian Silverman.

Since the breakup, in fact, there has been no comment from either Silverman or Kimmel on anything of a personal nature. He made no mention of the split on his show this week.

The Emmys will be handed out Sept. 21.

Source: People

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Jul 18 Damon heading back to Toronto to host One X One 0
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TORONTO—For the third year running, actor Matt Damon will be putting on his hosting hat for the One X One children’s charity benefit gala.

The Oscar winner will headline the fourth annual event, which raises money for domestic and global charities, on Sept. 8 in a Toronto venue that’s acclaimed in its own right, organizers said Thursday. Maple Leaf Gardens, home to the Toronto Maple Leafs NHL team from 1931 to 1999, will fling open its doors for the star-studded gala.

It’s the first major public event to be held there since its closure in 2000.

Also returning to the stage this year is Grammy Award-winner Wyclef Jean, who will take musical leadership of the event, including a performance by the African Children’s Choir.

Last year, Jean was honoured with a special humanitarian award for his commitment to providing aid to his native country, Haiti.

At this year’s gala, several yet-to-be-announced recipients will receive the organization’s 2008 Difference Award.

The award recognizes individuals who have dedicated their lives to fighting child poverty and suffering around the world.

Actor Richard Gere and supermodel and philanthropist Petra Nemcova took home the award in 2007.

In June, the One X One Foundation held its inaugural benefit gala in Calgary. The evening was hosted by Damon collaborator and childhood friend, actor Ben Affleck.

The foundation has also announced plans to expand to the U.S., with its first benefit gala there to be held in San Francisco on Oct. 23.

Since the gala’s 2005 inception, more than $7 million has been raised for the One X One Foundation.

Source: Yahoo!

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Jul 17 Syriana Unscripted Interview! 0
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So Funny! A 2 parter…Check out both :)

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