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Mar 30 Oscar Speech & ITN Video! 0
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Hey everyone! I have been so so busy at school but I am on break now, and I know I have a ton of stuff to do so I am starting small right now. I am adding Matt’s infamous acceptance speech at the Oscars. I have rewatched it a whole bunch of times and I love it!! I am sure that it will allways be a classic Oscar moment, they both are so worthy, it was just perfect. I think its about time, we had it in our Media Vault. A small note, I have deleted a TON of spammers in the vault so if you accidentally got deleted (and you are not a spammer), then I am sorry please re-register. Also, I am adding an ITN Interview where Matt “responds” (deadpan) to Jimmy’s Ben Affleck video. LOL


Matt and Ben’s Oscar Acceptance Speech (1997)

ITN- Matt speaking about his Sarah Silverman Video @ Empire Awards

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Mar 14 Clooney, Pitt, Damon donate $500,000 to Darfur 0
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Washington, Mar 14 : Celebrity donations are not a new thing in Hollywood, and now it was the turn of a charity co-founded by George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle to put their money for a noble cause.

The charity, known as ‘Not On Our Watch’, dished out a whopping 500,000 dollars to the United Nations World Food Program to combat the food problem in Darfur, Sudan.

U.N.’s food aid agency will be utilising this amount to prevent hunger in the troubled Darfur region of Sudan.

“Without immediate additional funding, humanitarian aid in the region will be crippled,” Contactmusic quoted Clooney, as saying in a statement.

‘Not On Our Watch’ has already raised more than 9.3 million dollars for Darfur, and donated 1 million dollars to the World Food Program last year (07).

Clooney has recently filmed a documentary about the crisis in Sudan last year and has certainly become a strong supporter for action against the genocide.

Source: New Kerala

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Mar 14 Affleck, Damon promote Obama ad contest 0
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LOS ANGELES, March 13 (UPI)—U.S. celebrities Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Oliver Stone and John Legend have signed on to promote the “Obama in 30 Seconds” TV ad contest.

The competition invites supporters of U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama to create 30-second spots demonstrating what inspires them about the senator’s candidacy.

MoveOn said it will then buy time to run the winning ad on national television.

“Since creative and grassroots energy has helped power Barack Obama’s campaign from the start, this contest is a great way to deliver that message of hope to voters in Pennsylvania and across the nation,” Eli Pariser, executive director of MoveOn, said in a statement.

“MoveOn’s ‘Obama in 30 seconds’ ad contest is a chance for everyone, from aspiring filmmakers to armchair pundits, to raise their voices to put Obama over the top and help make history,” Affleck added.

“I think this contest is a powerful way for ordinary citizens to be involved in an extraordinary moment in our history,” said Legend. “I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

The ads, which can be submitted at starting March 27, will be judged by a celebrity panel that includes Affleck, Damon, Legend, Stone, Moby, Steve Buscemi, Eddie Vedder and others.

Source: UPI

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Mar 13 Matt Damon finds Brad Pitt to be a great dad 0
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Hollywood actor Matt Damon has revealed that he likes to discuss family tips with Brad Pitt because he considers the latter to be a great father.

Matt Damon, whose wife Luciana is pregnant with their second child, has revealed that Pitt’s hands are full of advices on fatherhood.

“We get our kids together when we’re in the same country. He has his hands full. There’s no advice I’d give him—he’s getting on with it and doing great,” the Mirror quoted him as saying.

Damon and Luciana already have a one-year-old daughter, Isabella,

Luciana also has a nine-year-old daughter Alexia from her previous marriage.

Source: People’s Daily Online

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Mar 13 Matt Damon denies making of Bourne 4 0
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As reports of Bourne 4 being made spread around, a very surprised Matt Damon clarifies with the media that these are just stories without any truth in it.

Talking to Empire magazine, he says, “We are all for doing a forth movie, but we need to come up with a good story first. There is a lot to happen before we would sign up for it. We love our series, and none of us would want to go again unless we’re sure there’s a worthwhile film and that could take some time”.

Source: New Kerala

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Mar 10 EXCLUSIVE: Matt Damon & Wife Expecting! 0
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Matt Damon’s family is expanding: The actor and wife Luciana are expecting another baby, his rep Jennifer Allen tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“They couldn’t be happier,” says Allen. “They’re so excited!”

The current PEOPLE Sexiest Man Alive, 37, and his wife, 32, stepped out Sunday night at the Empire Film Awards in London

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