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Jan 23 RIP Heath Ledger 0
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As many of you already know, Heath Ledger passed away tragically yesterday, at the age of 28. I just wanted to share my sorrow with his family, friends and fans worldwide. I had always loved his cute shyness throughout his career and knew that he had a great career ahead of him. Heath was a talented, soft spoken and most of all an endearing actor who showcased his skill of the craft in Brokeback Mountain, a movie that will always be close to my heart. Imagine if Matt instead of Heath had done that movie, everything would be so different. I feel like in this generation, we have not lost someone in this way and a part of me hoped it would have never happened. I will always remain a fan of Heath’s and am sorry to see him go, so soon.

RIP Heath Ledger. You will be missed by all.

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“I laughed. I sent him some of my T-shirts.”

Former People magazine Sexiest Man Alive MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY loved his 2007 successor MATT DAMON’s impersonation of him on U.S. TV’s THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN.


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Jan 14 Matt Damon, all round good guy 0
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He was recently voted sexiest man alive—now Matt Damon has proved he also is one of the most generous actors around.

The Bourne Ultimatum star amazed staff at a restaurant when he had a cup of coffee—and tipped them one thousand dollars.

“It was incredible, they could not believe it,” said a source.

“It’s a nice restaurant with very famous and rich clientele—but this was something else. It made everyone’s day.”

The 37-year-old, who lives in one of Miami’s most exclusive neighbourhoods with his young family, is known for being low-key but is also famous for his charisma.

And he certainly won over staff at the Ago restaurant, at Miami Beach’s trendy Shore Club hotel, when he popped in for a morning cup of coffee by himself.

Although the Good Will Hunting star refused to have his picture taken with one of the waiters, he more than made up with his charms—and his wallet.

Rather than the traditional 10% for the $5 cup of coffee, his tip was more like 20,000%.

“Matt was really charming and friendly,” added the source.

“He was very discrete. He came in wearing a baseball cap and shades, by himself, and just ordered a cup of coffee.

“One of the waiters asked to take a picture, but he politely said he didn’t want any fuss.

“The guy was a bit disappointed but understood. And with that tip, no-one was complaining.”

Now that’s some Goodwill!

*I am pretty sure this is the same news item I posted earlier but it contains more detail. I am not sure because one says 4000 and the other 1000. Anyone know?*

Source: Yahoo!

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Jan 13 Fukuda to meet Bono, Bill Gates, Matt Damon 0
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Jan 10 Damon Leaves Huge Tip For Coffee 0
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Big-hearted actor Matt Damon surprised staff at a Miami, Florida coffee shop, after leaving a $4,000 tip.

The actor ordered a coffee at posh eaterie Ago costing $5, but decided to give the employees an extra bonus.

A source tells British newspaper The Sun, “It was incredible. The staff were stunned.”

Source: News Channel 6

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Jan 4 Ocean’s 13 Captures! 0
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I am going back to school soon :(…but I do hope to get a new layout up before that. Also, I did recently re-watch Ocean’s 13 and capped for you all of Matt’s parts in it. We have got over 200 high quality caps of Matt. Great movie, much better than Ocean’s 12 if I do say so myself.

Hope everyone is doing fine…it is stormy here :(


Ocean’s 13 Captures

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Jan 1 Photo Additions :) 0
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Hey everyone! First, I have these photos of Matt’s character on the show ‘Arthur’, so take a look at the cartoon version of Matt. Secondly, I have the photos of Matt from EW in 2004…it is the bathtub photoshoot which is pretty easy to identify (A Matt Classic!). Lastly, I have the new candids of Matt with Robert Downey Jr on their dinner out with their wives. Enjoy!

Happy New Year! May 2008 be lovely and joyful for you all :)

EW 2004 Photoshoot

Arthur Stills

Robert Downey Jr Dinner Date

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