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Sep 30 Extra, Insider Today Show Interview + Gofling Cand 0
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How’s everyone been? I am feeling a little under the weather and I am trying to get back into the loop of school so that is why there is a lack of updates. But finally these are the last batch of videos from the lovely Kristy who is an absolute lifesaver. Both of these red carpet interviews were actually pretty good and I find the Today Show interview to be really good as well.

Lastly some REALLY good candids of Matt golfing. Looking fantastic as well!


Today Show Interview (08.02.07)

The Insider Interview (07.26.07)

Extra Interview (07.26.07)

September 27 Golfing Candids

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Sep 29 Bourne Ultimatum CD Contest WINNERS! 0
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Thank you so much to all of the entries for both contests but I have finally selected the winners and they are Lucy, Stacey, and Kari!

I have emailed all the winners :) Please respond to my email asap.

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Sep 25 Bourne Ultimatum CD Contest! 0
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Today is your last day to enter the contest to win a Bourne Ultimatum CD Contest!

Go here for more Information

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Sep 23 Matt Damon Contests 0
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Tania & Nadia Hussain (Owner & Moderator) contacted me and wanted me to get the word out on their club as well their ongoing contests. Here is their message:

The 1st Official Matt Damon Club are proudly giving away ten lucky Matt Damon fans, ten randomly selected prizes ranging from Matt Damon related goodies such as Cd’s, posters, movies, books and much more. The giveaway is separated into three contests so that all members from any part of the world can take part.

All The 1st Official Matt Damon Club members can enter all 3 contests just ONCE and should include the proper contact information (see group massages for contest details). Multiple entries for each contest will be counted as one entry, so there’s no point to enter it more than once for each contest.

All you have to do is join The 1st Official Matt Damon Club for further details; you’ll find our contest details in the Messages section. Contest ends on September 30th on 11:59:59PM ET and is opened to all residents* (for more details check the messages section of the groupsite) so be sure to enter and good luck!!

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Sep 23 Bourne Ultimatum Premiere News Videos! 0
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I am trying to get all the stuff that I have stashed away onto the site as soon as possible because coming into fall, the updates will slow down. So again…Thanks again to the lovely Kristy again for the interviews. I am only capping one of them because once captured, they lose their quality.


Access Hollywood Interview (07.26.07)

E! News Interview (07.26.07)

ET (07.26.07)

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Sep 22 Matt on Arthur 0
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Guess What? I got it! I captured and was able to snag for everyone the clips of Matt Damon on Arthur. It is not amazing quality but its pretty decent if I do say so myself XD I love the parody on Charlie Rose in the beginning. So enjoy it!

So cute! :)

Matt’s Guest Appearance on “Arthur”

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Sep 22 Brad Pitt joins "Fighter" 0
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Mark Wahlberg is already set to star, though Matt Damon has exited

Brad Pitt is in negotiations to replace Matt Damon in Darren Aronofsky’s “The Fighter.”

Mark Wahlberg is still attached to the project even after Damon’s departure due to scheduling conflicts.

According to the trade papers, the film centers on the life of boxer “Irish” Mickey Ward (Wahlberg) and his brother/trainer Dick Eklund (Pitt). The film will begin with their early days on the mean streets of Lowell, Massachusetts and follow with Eklund’s battle with drugs and Ward’s world championship in London.

Originally set to reunite “The Departed” stars Damon and Wahlberg, “The Fighter” may instead become a different sort of reunion for Pitt and Aronofsky. The two were famously supposed to work together on “The Fountain” (you’ll recall Pitt’s long beard), but the actor pulled out during pre-production. Although Aronofsky eventually got “The Fountain” made with Hugh Jackman, there were reporters of bad blood.

There is, of course, plenty of time for things to go haywire on “The Fighter.” With Scott Silver in the process of rewriting the script, the film probably won’t begin production until next fall.

In the meantime, Pitt is set for another professional reunion, this time with his “Fight Club” co-star Edward Norton on Universal’s “State of Play.” Pitt first has “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” going into limited release this weekend.

Source: JAM!

For details regarding your chance to win a copy of the CD, go The Bourne Ultimatum Soundtrack Contest Page.

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Sep 21 E! Matt Interview 0
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Again thanks to the lovely and fantastic Kristy for sending us this video of Matt on E! talking about George Clooney, turning 36 and working on Bourne, and Ben Affleck. Cute as always :)

I finally learned how to capture all my TV recordings and transfer them to the computer so I will definitely be getting Matt on Arthur up here asap!

E! Interview (07.24.07)

For details regarding your chance to win a copy of the CD, go The Bourne Ultimatum Soundtrack Contest Page.

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Sep 19 Vanessa Hudgens has a secret crush on Matt Damon 0
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Washington, Sept 19 (ANI): Actress Vanessa Hudgens’ has revealed her secret crush on actor Matt Damon.

In a recent interview on The Tyra Banks Show, the High School Musical star avoided questions about her relationship with costar Zac Efron by asserting that she “loves” Damon.

“I was 14 years old and I met him,” People quoted Hudgens, as saying.

“I completely freaked out. Like, I did to him what my fans do to me. I was like, ‘Ohmigosh, I love you so much, can I have your autograph,’” she added.

Source: Yahoo!

For details regarding your chance to win a copy of the CD, go The Bourne Ultimatum Soundtrack Contest Page.

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Sep 18 Various Magazine Scans & O13 Vegas Premiere Ad 0
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Hey everyone! I am cleaning up my computer but adding all these goodies stashed away. I want to begin off my thanking the AMAZING Kristy for donating all of the following magazine scans to the site. She is a fantastic and lovely person. Visit her site for all of your Ben needs! Thanks SO MUCH!!

We have magazine scans from 1998-2007 being added but most are about Matt and Luciana’s Wedding. There are a TON of them!

Lastly, I want to thank again the lovely Jen for donating to the site some lovely O13 Vegas Premiere shots that feature a delicious Brad Pitt and George Clooney.


Old Matt Scans: Oscar Night & Other Unknown

Matt’s Wedding Weekend Scans!

Matt and Lucy Candid Scans!

Ocean’s 13 Scans

O13 Vegas Premiere

For details regarding your chance to win a copy of the CD, go The Bourne Ultimatum Soundtrack Contest Page.

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