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Aug 30 Late Show Interview & Captures :) 0
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Hey everyone! So I am gradually working on getting more stuff up. I would like to thank the fantastic Kristy for sending us Matt’s interview on the Late Show in August. He did it for Bourne and it was very funny. He talks about getting his feet in cement, a radio contest he did in Florida and how Bourne saved his career. Also David’s opening gag is really funny too! Check it out :)

The Late Show with David Letterman (08.01.07)

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Aug 29 New Layout!! 0
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Hey everyone! Thanks to the lovely Kinga @ EYF Designs for creating it for us. It is a very different look from the dark blue layout we had before and the coding should be much better and cleaner now! The site looks much more professional and less dark. The photo is from one of everyone’s favorite Matt Damon Photoshoots. With the layout up, more content will be added very soon!

I also took this opportunity to convert the site to PHP. So now everything is running in php. I made the leap and now it will be much easier to change it come another time.

Enjoy the new look and let me know what you think of it!

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Hollywood star MATT DAMON is bemused by the media hysteria surrounding DAVID and VICTORIA BECKHAM’s recent move to Los Angeles. The Bourne Ultimatum star insists he has been watching soccer long before former Real Madrid player helped the game’s popularity in the U.S. following his transfer to the L.A. Galaxy last month (Jul07). He says, “I was into football before the Beckhams came to LA. “I really don’t know what all the fuss is about.”

Source: Contact Music

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Aug 25 Matt Damon Prepares for Second Child? 0
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HOLLYWOOD—The Bourne Ultimatum star Matt Damon is getting ready for another sequel—his second child with wife Luciana Barroso.

U.S. reports suggest the Argentine beauty is pregnant with her third child. The couple already has a 14-month-old daughter, called Isabella, and Barroso has a nine-year-old, Alexia, from a previous relationship.

Damon wed Barroso in December 2005. They started dating while the actor was shooting a movie in Miami, Florida in 2004.

Source: Hollywood

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Aug 24 Matt in AskMen’s Top 49! 0
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I got this in an email check it out:

The purpose of the Top 49 is to determine who readers
consider to be the best representatives of the male gender. We’ve
compiled a list of candidates, all of whom have found great success in
the past 12 months and have carried themselves like true men’s men. Now,
we’re asking our loyal readers to cast their votes.

Take a moment and vote for Matt Damon (as well as all of the other
worthy nominees), and then check back at the end of October to see if he
made the final cut.

AskMen Top 49

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Aug 24 Damon gives up the gym for family time 0
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Washington, Aug 22 (ANI): Now that he’s a family man, Matt Damon admits that he hardly ever hits the gym.

The actor revealed to the UK’s Sunday Express that before the birth of his daughter Isabella a year ago, all he did was work, exercise and sleep.

However, with wife Luciana, stepdaughter Alexia and daughter Isabella all waiting for him back home, he has cut back on is gym time to spend a few precious moments with them.

“I really used to have no life outside movies. I’d work all day, go to the gym and go to sleep. Now I have a place to be so I come home after work,” People quoted him, as telling the paper.

“I’ve had the same personal trainer on all the Bourne films but once he left this time, that was it for me and working out because I wanted to get home to see my daughter before she went to sleep,” he added.

However, not hitting the gym has had its effects on Damon, especially his waistline he admits.

“Towards the end of filming they had to shoot around my belly. If you pay close attention you’ll see the zipper on my jacket creeping up and up. I had to keep that jacket on,” he joked. (ANI)

Source: Yahoo!

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Aug 24 Matt Damon Leaves Acupuncture Needle in His Ear fo 0
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Matt Damon sported an interesting accessory to the Berlin premiere of “The Bourne Ultimatum” ? an acupuncture needle!

“Extra” spotted the superstar with a needle in one of his ears as he strolled the red carpet.

A rep for Matt told “Extra,” “Matt had a terrible spasm in his neck/back and he had to have acupuncture. Those are acupuncture ‘needles’ in his ear.”

Must have been all those jaw-dropping stunts from the action-packed film, which is now officially one of the biggest hits of the summer.

Source: Extra TV

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Aug 22 Magazine Scans Adds! 0
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I am adding a whole bunch of new scans that are long overdue. There is going to be another huge bunch that I have not even gotten to it yet. The first scans are from Empire Magazine- August 2007. It features a 11 page spread on Bourne! A whole lot of Matt. Thanks so much to the wonderful Kerry!. She is a gem and so lovely :) The Studio Magazine- July 2007 is from Nettessie who is letting us use them. Thanks so much!


Studio Magazine- July 2007

Empire Magazine- August 2007

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Aug 20 Matt Damon wants a pornographic "Bourne" 0
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Matt Damon has joked he wants to make a pornographic version of the ‘Bourne’ trilogy.

The 36-year-old actor—who has reprised his role as former CIA assassin Jason Bourne for the third time in ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’—suggested director Paul Greengrass should try making the action franchise X-rated.

When asked about Bourne the musical, he quipped: “Bourne the musical. That was my suggestion. I think you have to kind of change the genre. It’s either got to be porn or a musical to re-ignite the franchise.”

The star also compared the previous DVD extras from the past two movies. He said: “One of the DVDs came out and it said explosive extra scenes and it was all these scenes that were not good enough to be in the movie. It’s kind of like walking into a house, holding a bunch of dog shit and saying, ‘Hey look what I almost stepped in.’ “I’ve seen the extras for the next DVD and they are very good. There is more behind the scenes footage.”

Source: China Daily

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Aug 20 Damon considers a fourth Bourne – in 10 years 0
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Matt Damon is keen to revisit the Bourne film franchise—in a decade.

The actor has played on-the-run assassin Jason Bourne in three hit action movies, and isn’t ruling out a fourth film.

He says, “If (director) Paul Greengrass calls me in 10 years and says, `I have a way to bring him (Bourne) back,’ well, yeah, absolutely.”

Source: Yahoo!

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