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Aug 31 New Roadshow Scans & Photoshoot Uploads 0
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Wow! So the amazing Sway created a brand new layout for us and may I say ‘perfect’. I am going to start coding it soon so it should be up within the next week I hope :) You guys will love it. Anywho, so we got some uploads for you guys. First thanks to the amazing Josan for sending us older Matt scans from 1998 from Roadshow Magazine. Thanks hun! And I uploaded another photoshoot and updated another one by adding two more shots to it (Photoshoot #15). Enjoy!

Updated Photoshoot #15–>>> +2 Uploads

Matt Photoshoot –>> Leather Pants =D

Roadshow Magazine –> Matt in the younger days ^__^

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Aug 29 More Dogma Trailor Caps 0
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Currently, we are awaiting a brand new layout from the lovely Sway for the site but right now you are going to have to bare with my teal layout! hehe. I was going to upload more stuff today but I decided to go with some leftover caps of Dogma. One set is of the Trailer for the movie feat. caps of Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Kevin Smith, Chris Rock Selma Hayak, and Jason Lee. And last is just a cap of the menu which I thought was cool and the talent file they have for Matt. Enjoy!

Menu Cap & Matt’s Talent File

Dogma Trailor Caps ——–>> A Nice Highlight of the Movie :)

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Aug 27 New Bourne Supremacy Making Of Captures & The 0
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Hey Hey! There is so much to upload and so little time…I think I am going to change the layout to The Departed since there is such a hype around it (or I want to get you guys excited about it). Hehe. First and foremost, I uploaded two making of captures from The Bourne Supremacy and they are of the Filiming the Fight Scene and the Filiming the Chase Scene specials. Very interesting caps!! I hope you guys like those and I uploaded two more official wallpapers and a poster from The Departed. Cheers!!

Filming the Chase Scene

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Aug 26 New Top & Regular Affiliates 0
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Hey everyone! I finally updated my affiliates page and currently Matt Damon Fan is affiliated with over 85+ sites. *Yay* Thanks for all the support and remember that Affiliation is currently open and always has been but top affiliates is for a limited of time. I don’t want the top to get out of control, it is a special group to me :) because top affiliating means I strive to help you out, if you strive to help me. Hehe. So welcoming many new sites to the family and am I reorganzing my top affiliates in the sidebar so for the new affiliates, you are accepted I am just being slow…hehe..

New Top Affiliates

A lovely and new Hayden site :)

A Liv Tyler Fansite that is dedicated to the amazing and stunning Liv!

A comprehensive site dedicated to two amazing brothers: The Wahlbergs!

Regular Affiliates:

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Aug 25 Tuxedo Photoshoot & New O13′s On Set photos 0
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I am updating a lot more and more and I am working on getting the gallery all caught up too. And for the moment, I have just uploaded some more O13 photos that have surfaced and there are more that I have just not have had the time to update. So for now, enjoy another photoshoot of Matt that I like where he is in a tux and then just a white shirt with color and black and white shots. Hehe. And then some more O13 photos with Luciana, Alexia, and his co-stars. Enjoy!

The White Shirt & The Tux Photoshoot –> Black and White + Color Shots

Ocean’s 13 Production Photos –> Brad, Don, and Matt with Family

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Aug 24 Dogma Captures & Photoshoot Photos 0
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Hey everyone!! Special upload today and it is of one of my favorite movies ever: Dogma. It was such a smart and FUNNY movie. Matt was SO great in it. hehe. I captured ALL of my Matt’s parts in the movie for all of you guys to enjoy, so enjoy all 120+ full screen caps. Lastly, I am adding another photoshoot to the site, I call it the “Leather Jacket Photoshoot”, hehe…because he is wearing a leather jacket. Enjoy!

Matt as Loki in Dogma—->>Fullscreen Captures

The Leather Jacket Photoshoot

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“Neither one of us knows that much about little girls. It’s kind of learning on the job.”
BEN AFFLECK on how he and best friend MATT DAMON have adjusted to having newborn daughters.


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Aug 22 New Photoshoot Upload & More Departed Stills 0
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I am working on getting everything I have onto to the site about Matt and its a lot (and growing!). Instead of uploading more captures, I decided to upload a photoshoot of Matt in a white t-shirt. Need I say more? Hehe…absolute cutie! Then I added some more Departed stills that the lovely Marcie sent me. Enjoy!

The White T-Shirt Photoshoot

The Departed Uploads ——-> Stills & Production Photo

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Aug 22 New Departed Stills & Bourne Supremacy Capture 0
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Hey everyone! It is Departed mania…all I am waiting for is for Matt to make a television appearence. Hehe. But for now enjoy some more stills from The Departed, some feat. Matt others not, thanks to my dearest Marcie who sent us the photos. Probably Matt’s most notable role is as Jason Bourne so I did not think we could surive without some +200 Bourne Supremacy captures which I have uploaded to the site. Enjoy!

The Departed Stills

Bourne Supremacy Captures —->>>> Jason is back and better :tongue:

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Aug 20 New Scans: Entertainment Weekly Scans 0
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Hey Everyone. The amazing Marcie has scanned the newest Matt scans from last week’s issue of EW where more information was spilled about Matt’s two upcoming movies: The Departed and The Good Shepherd. Also two new photos have been unveiled from both movies so that makes the scans even more special :) Thanks again to Marcie. Lastly, I am going to upload a scan of Matt, I got from EW’s last special Summer Double Issue which talks about The Must List and yes…Matt was a must. Hehe. Enjoy!

August 2006 Scans —->>> The Departed & The Good Shepherd

EW’s Must List Issue —->> Matt: From Boy to Man

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