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May 31 Damon Urges Politicians to Keep Africa Promises 0
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HOLLYWOOD—Movie star Matt Damon is urging American politicians to live up to the promises they have made to Africa after returning from an awareness mission to find out just how aid is distributed.

The Bourne Identity star recently visited Zambia as a guest of Africa advocacy group DATA (Debt AIDS Trade Africa) and ONE: The Campaign to Make Poverty History, and admits his eyes have been opened to the plight of the poor there.

Damon visited numerous sites demonstrating both the symptoms of and solutions to extreme poverty and global disease.

He says, “To see so much hope from people who have so little made this an inspiring and life changing journey for me.

“The promises America and other rich countries have made to Africa must be more than words. Those promises need to put hopeful children in school; help parents put roofs over the heads of their children; and get life-saving AIDS medicines to the patients who need them now.”

DATA official Jamie Drummond was very impressed with the actor: “Matt is a smart guy who knows his stuff. We’re thrilled he has joined with DATA and ONE to give a voice to the more than one billion people around the world living on less than one dollar a day.”

Source: Hollywood.Com

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ACTOR Matt Damon is preparing for the arrival of a baby daughter within weeks, according to reports in the US.

Sources say Matt and wife Luciana Bozan, both 35, have chosen the name Isabella.

Good Will Hunting star Matt met Argentine-born wife Luciana, also 35, in Miami while shooting Stuck On You in 2003.

They married at New York’s City Hall last December.

Source: Daily Record

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May 29 Site News: Happy New Layout!! 0
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Hey everyone! Finally we have a brand new beautiful layout for you to enjoy. The talented and kind Denise made it for us and I am astounded since she is such a great layout designer. Enjoy the magnificent layout :)

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May 28 New Addition: Armando Galleo Photoshoot 2001 0
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Hey everyone. Just a side note, there is defintely a new and super layout coming but I have been coding it and trying to fix up some of the html so it should be up maybe tomorrow or by the end of the week at the latest. Also, brand new photoshoot addition, this is from Armando Gallery from 2001. Enjoy!

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Hollywood hunk MATT DAMON’s wife LUCIANA hasn’t even given birth to their daughter yet, and he’s already planning playdates with pal BEN AFFLECK’s daughter VIOLET. The OCEAN’S TWELVE star is awaiting the birth of his first child next month (JUN06)—a little sister for Luciana’s eight-year-old daughter ALEXIA from a previous relationship. Damon’s close pal and GOOD WILL HUNTING co-star Affleck and wife JENNIFER GARNER welcomed Violet in December (05). Damon enthuses, “We’re due in mid-June, but who knows? We could be now. “Yeah, they (my daughter and Violet) will have playdates. All we have to do is end up living in the same city!” The actor admits he is thrilled he is having a baby girl, because his step-daughter Alexia didn’t want a brother. He says, “Believe me, if it was a boy it would have been a big problem. She wasn’t having it. She definitely wanted a sister.”

Source: Contact Music

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May 17 New Site Update: Matt’s Letter to One Campaign Mem 0
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Hey everyone. When Matt went to Africa, he sent out a letter to all One Campaign Members telling them of his experience from a personal standpoint. I actually did not get the letter myself but my good friend Libby did and she sent it to me. I couldn’t transfer the letter directly (the way it looks html wise) but I did get the actually content up. If you want to read the entire letter, go here. Here is a little snip-it below just for you to enjoy.

“Dear ONE Campaign Member:

I just returned from a 7 day trip to South Africa and Zambia. What I saw changed my life. I want to tell you about my trip and let you know about billions of dollars in development assistance that is at risk this week.

Each day, I saw the devastating impact of AIDS and extreme poverty, but I also saw the incredible work being done to save lives and give people the tools to provide for themselves. I visited a facility that reduced, by half, the chances of a mother transmitting HIV to their child. I met a 24 year old woman who told me that there was a good chance the anti-retrovirals she was taking would save the her baby’s life. The next day, I met a widow who had become self-sufficient thanks to a micro-finance loan. With her new financial freedom, she was not only able to take care of her children, but also began caring for local orphans….”

To continue reading, remember to go here.

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May 15 New Addition: New The Depated Still 0
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Hey everyone! I have some more stuff to upload for you guys but I have been really busy with my POTC site and just life in general. So anyways, enjoy this brand new still from The Departed. It is such a great shot of Matt- If I do say so myself. hehe. Thanks to the amazing Marcie for sending it to me.

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May 12 New Addition: Matt Damon in Africa Photos 0
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As everyone knows from the previous news item from that Matt has just returned from Africa on a trip sponsered by the One Campaign on behalf of AIDS awareness. I am searching for more photos but these are currently the ones available. I created a new category for charity events because I believe that they are different from the normal celeb appearences he does. So now…Enjoy them!

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May 11 Matt Damon Urges Funding for AIDS Overseas 0
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Actor Matt Damon is back from a trip to Africa with a passion for fighting AIDS and praise for President Bush’s relief program.

“The work that’s being done and the people that I met who are on the front lines there, I just came away feeling like we’re going to beat this,” he said in a telephone interview Wednesday.

Damon returned April 29 from a six-day trip to Africa. He spent most of his time there in Zambia, which had an HIV/AIDS prevalence rate of 16.5 percent in 2003, according to the CIA’s World Factbook. The U.S. prevalence rate was 0.6 percent in 2003.

Damon visited a number of sites including a clinic sponsored by the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, an independent charity.

“You walk into these clinics; you’re surrounded by people who are alive and well because of the president’s plan and because of this money,” he said.

Damon’s trip was organized by the DATA Foundation, a nonprofit Africa advocacy group, and the ONE Campaign, a coalition of groups working to fight AIDS and poverty.

Source: Yahoo!

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May 6 New Addition: Screen Magazine Scans 0
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Hey everyone! The lovely and talented Marcie has donated some great old scans of Matt from Screen Magazine during his Good Will Hunting days. They are rare and vintage, so be good and just enjoy them.

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