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Apr 30 New Addition: Good Will Hunting Captures 0
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Hey everyone. I archived a lot of the news update with hope that the page loads faster for slower connections (Tell me if it does) so I know that you lose all of the other updates =( Well so I decided to upload with a massive upload of captures from my favorite Matt movie: Good Will Hunting. I captured the entire movie just for you guys, enjoy it. There is one problem was that the disc I got, has these subtitles on it that I could not turn off but the caps are still high quality. So enjoy it :smile:

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Apr 29 New Addition: Armando Galleo Photoshoots 0
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Okay, so a whole bunch of great photoshoot photos coming your way! First and foremost is of a Armando Galleo Photoshoot from December 1999. Second is a Armando Galleo Photoshoot from October 2000 and last is of a Armando Galleo Photoshoot from December 2000. I know that the photoshoots are from a while back but I really think that the quality is great and that Matt looks fantastic. So enjoy them!

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Apr 29 New Site Update: New Affilates 0
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Hey everyone! I am trying to catch up with the numerous requests for affilates. Hehe. If I did not reply, it does not mean you were rejected but rather I have not gotten around to it. Sorry! Anyways, I would like to welcome a whole bunch of affilates, check them out :smile:

Clive Owen Online [Clive Owen]
Insane Drusilla [Juliet Landau]
Inside Brad and Angelina [Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie]

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Apr 28 New Top Affilate: Peter Sarsgaard Headquarters 0
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Hey everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know that I closed my Troy Online site ( and that made way for one spot for top affilation and that went to my good friend Avoca’s brand new Peter Sarsgaard Site. haha. I keep thinking I am spelling his last name wrong. Anywho, check her site out, join the forum and welcome her to the family!

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Apr 27 New Addition: Matt and Lucy March Photo + Damon in 0
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Just a small upload for everyone today. First, I have another photo of Matt and Lucy in Miami. It is slightly older than the ones I posted before but Matt still looks endearing. hehe. Lastly, I have an old scan of Matt and Lucy from People Magazine (Feb 2005), it directly corresponds to the photo from US Weekly (if you want to look at them). So enjoy for now.

Question: I keep reading mixed news that Syriana has been released or is coming soon while I am pretty sure it does not come out until June. Anyone clear this up for me? Thanks :smile:

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Apr 25 Al Pacino joins ‘Ocean’s 13′ 0
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Al Pacino will join the cast for Ocean’s 13, the second sequel to Ocean’s 11.

The Godfather actor will join the already star-studded troupe, which includes George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon.

Pacino has been assigned the role of Willie Banks, a wealthy entrepreneur who owns a Vegas casino and hotel, the locality of which will doubtless be the venue for Clooney’s latest robbery attempt.

Steven Soderbergh will direct the latest addition to the series, as he has done for the previous two.

Source: Digital Spy

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Apr 24 New Addition: Sky Magazine Scans + Empire Cover 0
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Hey Everyone! I just wanted to pop in and give ya some scans. The first two are from Libby. They are brand new and feature a huge photo of Matt, George and Brad (ahh…yum!). Hehe. It is an old photo but a new article so read it. Also, just a random upload of the cover of Empire Magazine for February 2005. Another great Brad, Matt, and George photo (ahh…yum!). hehe. Enjoy!

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Apr 21 New Addition: Ciak [OC] Magazine Scans 0
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Hey everyone. The lovely and talented Avoca has donated to the site, some Italian scans from Ciak Magazine which Avoca says means OC. Hehe. They are some great photos in the magazine and a really nice interview, which Avoca happily translated for us. You can read it here Thank YOU SO MUCH to Avoca. Be sure to visit her Peter site and the wonderful forum she runs.

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Apr 18 New Photos: Matt and Lucy Miami Photos + New Addit 0
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Hey everyone! I have not got around to coding the new layout but I plan on doing asap :) Anywho, I have brand new photos for everyone to enjoy (hence it says New Photos). They are new photos of Lucy shopping in Miami and one of her and Matt walking together. They are super in love and happy! Hehe. She is expected to give birth in June/July. Anywho, there are also two random addition: one of a US Weekly scan from the O12’s set and the second is of a Matt $1 Dollar bill. If you love it that much, try to buy it on ebay ;) (Not Kidding)

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Apr 17 New Addition: Rainmaker Movie Stills 0
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What a realized was that I never added any movie stills from one of Matt’s movies: The Rainmaker. So I am adding them now :) Matt plays a good-hearted lawyer fighting a huge corporation. Enjoy them, there are 30+ of them!

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