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Jan 31 Celeb Sightings: Matt Damon Fetching A Cab 0
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Saw Matt Damon get out of a cab on 8th street & Lafayette, around 9:15 on Saturday night. He was with 2 other guys, neither of whom I recognized. He

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Jan 28 Updated Scans + New Assorted Scans 0
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Hey everyone! Thanks to the lovely Olga for donating some scans of Matt Damon from a variety of magazines. Two of them, we already have but they are slightly different so I still uploaded them and the second set is a bunch of old unknown but still HOT scans of Matt :smile:

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Jan 27 Celeb Sightings: Matt Damon and Friends 0
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Just saw Matt Damon running along MacDougal at Prince with two other guys. They were wearing weird red Spandex shirts with writing on them (kinda like bikers wear), like they were training him or something. I said hi to Matt and he grinned very cutely and said

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Hey everyone. If all goes well, The Departed should be released sometime this year. E! reports on the premise of it:

The Departed: With so many big guns in this Boston crime story, we’re kind of afraid to go near it. See, Leo DiCaprio’s a cop going undercover with the Mob, while Matt Damon’s a mobster going undercover with the cops, and man do things get tricky! But with Martin Scorsese behind the cameras for this remake of the sensational Hong Kong flick Infernal Affairs, we’d take a bullet to see it.

Source: E! Online

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Jan 26 Exclusive Brothers Grimm Red Carpet Caps 0
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Hey everyone. The lovely Phyllis has donated EXCLUSIVE red carpet caps of Matt from The Brothers Grimm premiere. The video is exclusive to Heath Heathens and cannot be found anywhere else. So please take a look at them and forgive the fact that they are paparazzi. I don’t love paparazzi videos but Phyllis gurantees me that the video is not a result of violence or harm on any of the stars of Brothers Grimm, it is only of them walking the red carpet.

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Jan 25 New Family Member: HeathHeathens.Com 0
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Hey everyone. I am a big big Heath Ledger fan (Who isn’t after Brokeback Mountain?) so I was very happy when I found Phyllis who runs a wonderful Heath Ledger site. So please welcome her to the Matt Damon Fan.Com family :smile:

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Jan 23 Celeb Sightings: Mr and Mrs Matt Damon 0
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Just saw Matt Damon and the Mrs. at Chopt in union sq. They were the cutest couple

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Jan 23 More Winamp Skins 0
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Hey everyone! I made some more Winamp skins for the site. View all of them here and preview the new ones below :tongue:

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MATT DAMON is set to recreate KEVIN COSTNER’s THE UNTOUCHABLES character, ELLIOT NESS, in toymaker TODD McFARLANE’s new comic book adaptation.

McFarlane wants THE BOURNE IDENTITY star to play the man who jailed mob boss AL CAPONE in new movie TORSO.

The producer tells “(Matt’s) sort of young enough and he has that boyish charm that would work. I mean if you are sort of talking big, sort of well known guys, a guy like (LEONARDO) DiCAPRIO sort of fits that bill too—young enough, flamboyant enough.

“It’s a young man’s role. We need to bring that to people’s attention how young this guy was.”

The film is based on a relatively unknown story, which centres around Ness after he moved to Cleveland, Ohio, to become the city’s public safety officer, and human torsos began appearing around town with notes from a serial killer challenging the lawman to catch him.

Torso was optioned by McFarlane after a comic company he co-owns published the original graphic novel, which featured the story.

Source: Contact Music

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Jan 21 Studio Magazine Scan: The Departed 0
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Hey everyone! Thanks to the lovely Marcie for donating a scan from Studio Magazine, I believe, of The Departed. Its a photo of Matt with Leonardo and Martin Scorscee. So check it out :smile:

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