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Nov 29 Damon wants Bourne character to die 0
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London: Movie star Matt Damon is keen to have his character Jason Bourne from “The Bourne Identity” killed off.

According to, Damon is hoping that Bourne will somehow get himself into some kind of a difficult situation, but he isn’t getting his hopes up too high.

He says, “I wanted to have him killed in ‘The Bourne Identity’ and ‘Bourne Supremacy’. But no one listens to me.”

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Nov 24 Happy Thanksgiving! 0
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Happy Thanksgiving! The gallery is acting weird so I am unable to upload anymore photos for the time being until tech looks at it. So until then…anticpate more interviews, news, and photos! Happy Turkey Day!

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MATT DAMON urges other celebrities to follow his lead and have relationships with non-famous partners—because his life is now perfect.
The actor is engaged to LUCIANA BARROSO, who he met when she was working in a Miami wine bar.

He loves the fact his fiancee isn’t a high profile star—because it means he lead a virtually-anonymous private life.

He says, “I’m with a normal girl and it’s great. People don’t know who she is, don’t care that I’m with her and never follow us around. There’s a lesson—if you like a low-profile life away from filming, then don’t date another celebrity.

“This is what I’ve always wanted. I can do the acting, live my life, enjoy the attention and not be chased because I’m with someone well-known.

“I’m just happy to be with someone who’s a civilian, not a celebrity.”

Damon—who once dated actress MINNIE DRIVER—pities celebrity pals BRAD PITT and BEN AFFLECK who have high profile partners, ANGELINA JOLIE and JENNIFER GARNER

He adds, “They have a lot of difficulties. They’re beautiful women, but their lives are never their own. They receive non-stop attention and are followed everywhere. I had a taste of it when I dated actresses.”

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Movie star MATT DAMON hopes he never has to lose weight for a movie part—because he hates being the most fussy eater in a restaurant.

The actor, who drastically lost weight to play parts in THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY and COURAGE UNDER FIRE and buffed up for THE BOURNE IDENTITY, admits it’s no fun losing weight for a film role.

He says, “It’s just really hard work. The reality is celebrities are sometimes afforded the privilege of doing nothing but losing weight.

“I’ve lost tremendous amounts of weight in my life and there’s just no secret. I did it before the days of getting a nutritionist and a chef—you just got to run 13 miles a day with six and a half in the morning and six and a half at night.

“You can never take a day off and, for four months, you eat nothing but chicken and egg whites and broccoli and no butter anywhere.

“If you go out to eat you have to have a conversation with the waiter and say, ‘I’m gonna be your worst nightmare. I’m gonna send the food back if I taste oil on it and I will taste the oil on it.’ You got to be that guy.”

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MATT DAMON has become the latest movie star to buy a hybrid car after his family urged him to stop guzzling gas and turn environmental.

Damon has joined a growing list of celebrities, including LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and TOM HANKS, who have made greener car choices.

But Damon insists he’s not trying to be part of an environmental trend among his peers—he just wanted to save money at the petrol pump.

He explains, “I just have one for my own personal reasons. I don’t have a car in New York but I just got a place in Florida and we (himself and fiancee LUCIANA BARROSO) got a car there and it’s a hybrid.

“You don’t need all that car. I don’t need a Suburban (sports utility vehicle) to drive myself around. It seems to make common sense to me.

“My father drives one, my brother drives one. They’re like, ‘Why would you ever drive a regular car?’ There’s no reason to. These cars are just as good, they’re just as fast and they use less gas, so I don’t understand why everyone isn’t driving one.”

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Nov 21 Quote of the Day 0
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“I feel like he’ll be a good sexiest man. I feel like he’ll appreciate it. If anything should happen to him I am there to step in and carry the mantle.” MATT DAMON talks about People magazine’s newly-crowned Sexiest Man Alive, MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY.


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Nov 16 2005’s Sexiest Men Alive: Matt Damon 0
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When pal (and former Sexiest Man Alive) George Clooney heard that Damon had popped the question to nonceleb Luciana Barroso, he exclaimed: “Can you believe it? He’s settling down. Another one bites the dust.” But for the actor, 35, it’s all about keeping it real: He’s already bought a house in Miami so his future stepdaughter, Alexia, 7, can go to school there.

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Nov 11 New Syriana Movie Stills 0
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Hey everyone. It is your lucky friday because I just found a whole bunch high quality images of Matt from Syriana. Seeing this picture anticpates many more pictures release and hopefully some press hoopula! Until then…enjoy these beautiful photos…

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Nov 9 Movie stars Damon, DeNiro filming in Tarrytown 0
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Nov 9 Bourne Ultimatum News 0
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Hey everyone. I was reading through some Matt Damon news and was unable to find anything except this tidbit about Bourne III. So read it here:

“Second, she’s [Joan Allen] also in talks to return as Pamela Landy in The Bourne Ultimatum. The third installment of the Matt Damon-spy thriller franchise is expected to go before cameras next year”

Source: Empire Movies

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