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Oct 27 ‘Project Greenlight’ team "hoping to move for 0
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Although the ratings for its initial Bravo season were truly horrific and executive producer Chris Moore personally declared the Emmy-nominated show all but dead in a blog entry posted on the show’s official website shortly after the spring finale of its third season aired, like many a protagonist in the horror film genre it most recently embraced, the critically-acclaimed Project Greenlight may still yet live on.

According to Daily Variety, The Weinstein Co. is “hoping to move forward” with a fourth season of Project Greenlight, which also counts Hollywood stars Matt Damon and Ben Affleck among the reality filmmaking show’s executive producers. As documented on Project Greenlight 3, The Weinstein Co. is the name of the new entertainment company that acquired the rights to Project Greenlight’s third season Feast film (and apparently Greenlight itself) as part of former Miramax founders Harvey and Bob Weinstein’s departure from the Disney-owned company.

In addition to Project Greenlight (which had aired its first two seasons on HBO before being dropped by the pay cable network), the Weinsteins also acquired a stake in Project Runway, which will premiere its second season on December 7, as part of their Miramax departure negotiations. Although the company declined to comment on Variety’s story, Greenlight and Runway will reportedly be part of an initial Weinstein Co. television slate that will also include TV series adaptations of Sin City and Rounders, two of the many films that Miramax released while the Weinstein brothers were at its helm. The company is also producing Project Catwalk, a previously announced U.K. edition of Runway that will be hosted by Elizabeth Hurley.

Although he acknowledged that Bravo executives had told him “we can’t justify keeping it on air” due to its terrible ratings, Project Greenlight co-creator Matt Damon had been a bit more optimistic about Project Greenlight 4’s chances during an August interview with “It’s up in the air right now,” he told the site. “I suspect if the [Feast] movie does well enough, maybe Bob [Weinstein] would help with it, maybe there’s some way to get them all to do it one more time, but it’s on a respirator.”

Feast, directed by Greenlight 3 winner John Gulager and starring Navi Rawat, Krista Allen, and Balthazar Getty, had been most recently scheduled for a January 20, 2006 theatrical release date, however The Weinstein Co. delayed the film in September. No new release date has been announced. In the meantime, the film has been playing at film festivals around the country. In addition to Damon, Moore, and Affleck, Feast also counts horror film legend Wes Craven among its executive producers.

Source:Reality TV World

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Oct 22 Local celebs pick fav CDs 0
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What does Matt Damon watch when he’s not on a movie set? Dave Chappelle’s show on Comedy Central, according to the latest issue of Fade In magazine. Editors asked dozens of Hollywood types to name their favorites for the magazine’s ”50 DVDs You Can’t Live Without.” Of his choices, Damon told the magazine of ”Chappelle’s Show”: ”We watched those when we were in Prague [shooting Brothers Grimm]. They’re brilliant. Hell yeah! And those first two seasons of ‘The Office’ and ‘Da Ali G Show.’ ”


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Oct 22 Top Affilates 0
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Hey everyone. Welcome some great and beautiful top affilates to the site! Jessica Biel Online is a beautiful website with great design and content on the sexiest woman alive. While Dicaprio Online is one of our favorite affilates dedicated to Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Oct 18 New Matt Wallpapers and New Scans 0
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Hey everyone. I should be updating more but life is so stressful. Anyways, thanks to the lovely Nicole of Dicaprio Online who I havent added as a top affilate yet-my bad- has donated two lovely wallpapers for yall. Secondly, Gabrielle has donated some great Starlog Brothers Grimm scans. Enjoy!

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Oct 18 Matt Damon: A Bachelorette’s Gift 0
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Matt Damon made one bride-to-be extremely happy when he became the guest of honor at a bachelorette party at Miami Beach’s hip steakhouse Prime One Twelve recently.

Damon was dining with fianc

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Oct 11 New Production Photos from The Good Shepherd 0
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Hey everyone! I am again super busy with life and I am not able to update too frequently. But I found some more Matt Damon pics on the set of The Good Shepherd, and this time it is the filming of a love scene-meaning there are Matt love scenes in the movie. Yummy! Also, the Syriana trailer is available for viewing through Yahoo, so go here to view it. It is all about the corruption in the oil business, serious but great stuff. Matt looks great :smile: So enjoy the trailer and the photos until next time!

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Oct 10 Correction 0
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Hey everyone. For some reason there has been a lot of tongue bashing between visitors over what I said, so I will change it to now to resolve any problems. I am sorry for falsey saying that Matt was done shooting the Good Shepherd when he is shooting Margaret on his hiatus. He will continue shooting Shepherd for many more months. Sorry about the confusion.

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Oct 6 New Wallpapers 0
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Hey everyone. I have been having such major browser issues, it has been a pain in the you know what to update but I think it shall be okay. I will work on it later. But in the meantime enjoy the new wallpapers that I have created for you and they are available in 800×600 and 1024×768. :smile:

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Oct 3 New Margaret On Set Photos 0
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Hey everyone. Matt is such a hard-worker because he is already done with The Good Shepherd and now he is on the set of Margaret. The pictures look absolutely beautiful and stunning…Matt on wheels…:wink:

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Oct 2 New Layout 0
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Hey everyone! I finally have changed the layout. This one is much more purple and it features pictures from The Good Shepherd. I wanted to use the Arena photos but I already created this layout so you guys are just gonna have to deal with it :wink: I do not like it as much as I like the previous one but the site needs a change. I am thinking of totally revamping the style of the layouts but I just do not have the time. So until then….

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