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Sep 30 New Arena Magazine Photos 0
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Hey everyone. There are some photos of Matt on Arena Magazine. These are brand new, so enjoy them. Hopefully, we can get the real scans asap but until then…

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Sep 23 Hewitt wants gratitude from Damon for bed gift 0
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Hollywood actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is appalled that Matt Damon has failed to send her a thank you note, after she mailed him a bed as a gift.

The generous brunette took pity on Damon after reading one of his magazine interviews, in which he bemoaned the fact that he rarely got to sleep in his own bed.

And the I Know What You Did Last Summer beauty immediately decided to take action by going shopping on his behalf.

She says: “There was this article and it was about Matt Damon, and he was saying that he works so much that he doesn’t feel like he has a bed of his own anywhere. And it really struck me as this sort of sad thing.

“I was like: ‘He’s famous and he’s so cute and he’s Matt Damon and he should feel like he has a bed.’ It just made me sad. So I sent him a bed. I sent him an AeroBed and a comforter and sheets. I wrote in there that I was a huge fan and that I wanted him to travel with it and feel like he had a bed wherever he went.

“I never heard back from him. I have (seen him since) and he’s kind of looked at me a little weird.”

Hewitt is proud to say when she wrote to Gwyneth Paltrow to congratulate her on her Oscar win, the actress replied with a note thanking her.

Source: Breaking News

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Sep 23 Damon & Moll Race to Sahara Doc 0
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James Moll, an Oscar winner for his documentary The Last Days, is headed to the desert. LivePlanet has secured the helmer to direct Running the Sahara, an upcoming documentary about three men’s daring attempt to become the first people to run from coast to coast across the giant desert.

Running covers the tracks of three accomplished marathoners: Charlie Engle, an American runner who has won races both across the Gobi Desert and through the Amazon; Canadian Ray Zahan, who has already raced part of the Sahara and ran through Niger’s Tenere Desert; and Kevin Lin, from Taiwan, who completed the 150 mile trek across the Atacama Desert in Chile.

According to a report in Daily Variety, the film will not only highlight the brilliant landscapes of Africa but also bring forth the various cultures the runners encounter along their journey. The producers plan to exploit sponsorships to fund the film and hopefully tie the project in with the One Campaign, which is looking to eradicate poverty in Africa.

LivePlanet partner Matt Damon will narrate the film and executive produce with his company’s CEO Larry Tanz and Senior Vice President Marc Joubert.

Source: Film Stew

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Sep 22 New The Good Shepherd Photos 0
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Hey everyone! There are finally some new photos of Matt on the set of The Good Shepherd. They are extremely high quality and are very good shots of Matt, so check them out. I am sorry for the delay on updates but I have been so busy and it just seems to me that, there hasn’t been any news. Site-wise, expect much much more to come…meanwhile, enjoy the pictures!

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Sep 13 New Luciana and Matt Photos 0
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Hey all! I know that I just updated but I needed to add some new Matt and Luciana photos. They are lovely :smile: Check them out!

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Sep 13 Updated Appearences Photos 0
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Hey everyone. I first wanted to start off by Congratulating Matt and Lucy on their wonderful engagement!!! I am so happy for them and I plan to bring you the latest about that =) Anyways, I found some Matt photos from older appearences such as The Good Will Hunting premiere, Hole in the Wall Chairty, Access Hollywood junkets for Bourne Identity/Supremacy and All the Pretty Horses. They are some others…Enjoy them!

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Sep 13 Matt Damon, Girlfriend Reportedly Engaged 0
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Matt Damon and his girlfriend, Luciana Barroso, are engaged, Us Weekly reported Monday.

A publicist for the “Bourne Identity” actor told the magazine that after dating for two years, Damon popped the question “shortly before Labor Day.”

Damon’s publicist, Jennifer Allen, didn’t immediately return a call from The Associated Press late Monday.

The couple haven’t set a wedding date, Us Weekly said. It would be Damon’s first marriage. Barroso has a daughter, Alexa, from a previous relationship.

Damon’s screen credits also include “The Brothers Grimm,” “Ocean’s Eleven” and “The Talented Mr. Ripley.”

He shared a screenplay Academy Award with his friend Ben Affleck for 1997’s “Good Will Hunting.”

Source: Yahoo!

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Sep 12 Matt Damon 1
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The ultimate gift for the Matt Damon fan is now available: a cr

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Sep 11 Excerpt from Monica Belluci Interview 0
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Hey everyone. In an interview Monica talks about Matt, here are the excerpts below.

So what is Matt Damon

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Sep 11 New Affilate 0
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Hey everyone. Welcome a brand new affilate to the site, it is a lovely fansite dedicated to Karl Urban.

Karl Urban Fan [Dot] Com [Karl Urban]

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