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Jun 29 New Top Affilates 0
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Hi everyone. I am slowly working on a new layout for this site but I am still searching for some high quality images to actually make the layout with. Remember, I am looking for Matt Damon scans, so any you can donate would be greatly apperciated :)

Well welcome two new fanastic top affilates to the site. Visit them now!

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Jun 28 New Matt Damon Photos 0
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Hey everyone. I have finally found some new Matt Damon photos. These are of Matt Damon and his girlfriend Luciana at the Boston Red Sox Game. And the other ones of some random pictures of Matt and George Clooney at the Amstell Hotel. Check them out!

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Jun 28 Matt Damon: Cambridge kid 0
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With the exception of the snazzy gray suit and the exquisite dark-haired damsel on his arm, Matt Damon doesn’t look much like a movie star as he moves around a function room at the Hotel@MIT. Greeting guests at a fund-raiser for the Central Square Theatre, the guy is gracious and genuine. ”Helping out was a no-brainer,” Damon told us. ”It’s such a personal thing to have a theater in my neighborhood.” (Conceived by the Underground Railway Theater and the Nora Theatre Company, the new 175-seat playhouse will open, with any luck, in 2006.) ”The Bourne Supremacy” star has been all over the world, but, to hear him talk Saturday night, he’s still a Cambridge kid at heart. ”The foundation of everything I know about hard work and discipline was instilled in me by my [high school] acting teacher Gerry Speca,” said Damon, a Rindge & Latin grad. ”To this day, it’s his voice I hear when I have to do something particularly masochistic for a role.” Like what, we wondered? Oh, getting down to a gaunt 139 pounds for ”Courage Under Fire” comes to mind. ”People look at that character and think he’s haunted,” mused Damon. ”But all I was thinking was ‘I want a cheeseburger.’ ” In town for a few more weeks shooting ”The Departed,” Damon said it’s a treat to work with director Martin Scorsese. ”It’s kind of the mecca for actors,” he said. ”Marty is, as advertised, incredibly energetic.” Next up is a film directed by Robert De Niro, then a Steven Soderbergh movie based on Kurt Eichenwald’s book ”The Informant,” and then another ”Bourne” pic. ”It’s such a fleeting and insecure career that you’re always conscious of the fact that it will go away,” he said. Before that day comes, Damon listed a few filmmakers he’d like to work with, mentioning in particular Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Peter Weir, Alexander Payne, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Fernando Meirelles. About his gorgeous girlfriend Luciana Barroso, Damon had little to say. Goofing on l’affaire de Tom and Katie, the actor warned the audience, ”Don’t ask me about my girlfriend because I’ll start jumping on this chair.”

Damon’s costar Jack Nicholson took a break for lobster at Anthony’s Pier 4 Saturday

Source: Boston.Com

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Jun 28 Damon returns to South Boston 0
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Matt Damon was sipping a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee yesterday, looking relaxed between takes of ”The Departed” as it continued filming in the Mary Ellen McCormack public housing development in South Boston

After pausing to chat with director Martin Scorsese, Damon and actor James Badge Dale were back in action on a side street where laundry was hanging and garbage was piled in the street. Asked by reporters if the area had been transformed for filming, one resident said, ”It’s garbage day, but I’d never hang my clothes on the line.” With trailers and production trucks lining Moakley Park along Old Colony Avenue, a corner of Southie was the set for ”The Departed.” (Although signs warned people not to park along Old Colony Ave., more than three dozen cars were reportedly towed) Film crews also were spied yesterday near the L Street Bath House, a few blocks from the L Street Tavern, where Damon’s breakout movie, ”Good Will Hunting,” was filmed.

Source: Boston.Com

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Jun 28 Universal Studios gears up for third "Bourne& 0
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LOS ANGELES (AFP)—Hollywood’s Universal Studios is preparing to make “The Bourne Ultimatum,” the third in the hit series of movies based on Robert Ludlum’s gripping spy thrillers, the industry press said.

The studio has sealed a deal believed to be worth more than two million dollars with screenwriter Tony Gilroy to script the film, Daily Variety said.

Star Matt Damon, who portrayed the embattled CIA spy Jason Bourne in the first two movies in the money-spinning series, has expressed interest in reprising his role as the amnesic assassin, Variety said, adding however that no decision will be made until Gilroy’s script is complete.

The previous films in the series that tells the story of the CIA spy and trained killer Jason Bourne—2002’s “The Bourne Identity” and last year’s “The Bourne Supremacy”—have grossed more than 500 million dollars in cinemas worldwide.

The studio has not yet made a decision on who will direct “Ultimatum,” which is due for release in 2007 and will be produced by Frank Marshall, Pat Crowley and Ludlum Entertainment’s Paul Sandberg.

Source: Yahoo! News

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Jun 27 New Wallpapers 0
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I finally created another wallpaper and uploaded another one. So enjoy the new wallpapers for yall :)

Created by: Unknown


| 1024×768 ]

Created by: Matt Damon Fan.Com


| 1024×768 ]

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Jun 27 New Wallpaper 0
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Sorry for the lack of updates. I was converting a gallery on another site but now I am here :) So here is one wallpaper, I found on the internet. I hope you like it. I am going to be creating more soon. For now, enjoy it. Sorry, adios.

Created by: Unknown


| 1024×768 ]

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Jun 24 New Affiliates 0
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Hi Everyone . I wanted to welcome some new affilates to the family. The first is some new top affilates ( family) sites. Welcome them!

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Jun 17 The Brothers Grimm Trailer! 0
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After a series of delays, mishaps, and unknowns, the fate of the highly anticipated production project, The Brothers Grimm, was put into question. With a sigh of relief, it is nice to announce the Dimension Films has finally released the first trailer for the film starring Heath Ledger and Matt Damon, and, surprisingly enough, The Brothers Grimm still looks good!

The Brothers Grimm Movie Trailer
The Brothers Grimm looks to offer a cool mix of awesome sets and CG special effects. While the trailer tries to convey it, it is still hard to tell if this fantasy is exactly a comedy or not. Through out the trailer you catch Matt Damon spitting one-liners in an interesting new accent he picked up for the film.

As of now, The Brothers Grimm looks like a pretty good film; probably something similar to Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp. However, after all this film has been through already, it is a miracle that it looks as good as it does.

To check out the first trailer for The Brothers Grimm, click the image above or the link below.

Check out the teaser trailer for The Brothers Grimm over at Moviefone

For all the trailers, clips, movie stills, and synopsis, go to The Brothers Grimm Movie Page

The Brothers Grimm release date was pushed forward to July 29th. Stay tuned for updates.

Source: CanMag.Com

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Jun 17 Damon shines among 0
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Shooting began in Boston yesterday on Martin Scorsese’s Irish gangster flick “The Departed,” with Cambridge homey Matt Damon and Hollywood heavy Alec Baldwin filming a scene near Government Center.

Damon plays a Southie cop who is in bed with an Irish crime lord played by Jack Nicholson in the flick. Baldwin’s character is Damon’s superior in the organized crime unit.

The two stars and Scorsese spent most of the broiling-hot day—the first day of an expected three-week shoot—on location near Staniford Street. The flick also stars Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg, all of whom are expected to make the scene over the next three weeks

But the bulk of the filming for “The Departed” is being done in New York because that state has enacted tax incentives for filmmakers that Massachusetts still lacks. Yesterday, the Mass. Film Bureau revealed that another big-budget production it had courted was lost.

“Deja Vu,” starring Denzel Washington, will likely be shot in either Louisiana or Seattle, Robin Dawson said. Although location scouts had toured areas on Cape Cod, the islands and New Bedford, the studio ultimately decided it was too expensive to film here.

The first choice is Louisiana, Dawson said, a state that has enacted tax incentives for filmmakers. Seattle is also in the running because of its proximity to Los Angeles.

“Massachusetts blows everyone else out of the water in terms of locations,” Dawson said. “If we had tax incentives, we’d have a great shot at these projects. Louisiana’s film business quadrupled the year after they implemented these measures and I think we’d do better than that.”

Leaders in the House and Senate say they hope to have a tax-incentive package on Gov. Mitt Romney’s desk before the Legislative summer recess.

“Deja Vu” is a thriller about an FBI agent, played by Washington, who travels back in time to prevent a murder. But for now, just call it “The Departed.”

Source: Boston Herald.Com

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