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Aug 31 Damon dumps toilet water over head for ALS 0
Filed in: Charitable Causes , General News

Matt Damon has once again proved his nice-guy reputation, by taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and throwing toilet water over his head to support not one, but two issues.

Damon says he was torn after being nominated by Ben Affleck and Jimmy Kimmel to take the challenge, which raises awareness and money for ALS, known as motor neurone disease (MND) in Australia.

In the challenge, people are asked to donate to the cause within 24 hours of being nominated, or dump a bucket of icy water over themselves as punishment.

In the case of many celebrities, it has been to do both to raise even more awareness.

The problem for Damon was that aside from California being in drought, he’s also the co-founder of, a non-profit organisation that aims to bring clean water and sanitation to the developing world.

“So dumping a clean bucket of water on my head seemed a little crazy,” he says in a video.

Hence the toilet water.

In the video, Damon begins scooping up water from one of the toilets in his home and dumping it into a nearly full bucket of icy water.

“This is truly toilet water. I’ve been collecting it form various toilets around the house,” he says, picking up the bucket and heading outside.

By using toilet water, Damon hopes to draw attention to the lack of safe water and sanitation in the developing world.

“For those of you like my wife who think this is really disgusting, keep in mind that the water in our toilets in the west is actually cleaner than the water that most people in the developing world have access to,” he says.

“So as disgusting as this may seem, hopefully it’ll highlight the fact that this is a big problem and together we can do something about it.”

Damon then threw the bucket over his head and nominated George Clooney, US muso Bono, and American football quarterback Tom Brady.


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Sep 23 Damon taking part in cook off 0
Filed in: Charitable Causes , General News

Matt Damon is set to show off his culinary skills on Tuesday when he takes part in a live TV cook-off for charity.

The Bourne Identity star will swap the film set for the kitchen for the Food Network’s Cooking Live!, on which he will serve as Chef Ming Tsai’s sous chef to help prepare a six course meal.

The event will take place at The Ritz-Carlton hotel in downtown New York to raise funds for the Family Reach Foundation, which aids poverty-stricken families with their medical expenses.


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Aug 12 Do Something Award! 0
Filed in: Charitable Causes , General News, the largest non-profit for teens and social change has nominated Matt Damon for a Do Something Award in the Facebook category for his charitable work.

We want to boost voting, so please vote for Matt, rally the fans, and spread the word about the awards and his cause! You can vote here:

Good luck to Matt!

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May 6 The 2011 TIME 100: Matt Damon and Gary White 0
Filed in: Charitable Causes , General News

Meet the most influential people in the world. They are artists and activists, reformers and researchers, heads of state and captains of industry. Their ideas spark dialogue and dissent and sometimes even revolution. Welcome to this year’s TIME 100

Being a celebrity is like being a 5-year-old in a room with all the adults staring at you. It’s easy to spin out of control. But if you redirect the energy coming at you to a cause you care about, it can be very powerful.

In Matt Damon’s case, what he wants you to know is that every 15 minutes a child under the age of 5 dies because of a lack of clean water and sanitation and it doesn’t have to be that way. Matt, 40, teamed up with Gary White, 48, a longtime expert in water-supply systems, in 2009 and created Their message is one of hope; their solutions for providing access to clean water are simple and cost effective. And their work gives us an opportunity to change lives forever.

Danson is an actor and environmental advocate

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Mar 19 Clint Eastwood to donate ”Hereafter” profits to Japan 0
Filed in: Charitable Causes , General News , Movie News

Los Angeles, Mar 18 (PTI) Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood has offered to donate money from the DVD sales of his latest movie ”Hereafter” to help aid efforts in Japan, just days after the film was pulled from cinemas in the country due to its tsunami scenes.

The veteran actor/director”s latest film, starring Matt Damon, was removed from movie theatres in Japan in the aftermath of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the tidal wave which devastated parts of the country last Friday.

The scenes featuring a character who survives the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami were deemed to be “inappropriate” in light of recent events.

Eastwood and bosses at the Warner Bros studio have now stepped forward, offering to help those affected by the disaster by donating money from the film”s DVD and Blue-ray sales to the Japanese Red Cross Society, reported Los Angeles Times.

“The devastation and loss Japan is facing is almost incomprehensible. I”m glad to join Warner Bros. in this effort to help the Japanese people,” Eastwood said in a statement.

Kevin Tsujihara, president of Warner Bros Home Entertainment Group, added, “Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Japan. We are committed to supporting relief and rebuilding efforts during this difficult time.” PTI BB VSS

Source: Yahoo! News

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Nov 30 Matt Damon Gets Crappy Gifts 0
Filed in: Charitable Causes , General News

Beware of Matt Damon bearing gifts. He could turn into a serial regifter because he has lots of crap to get rid of. We’ll cut to the chase: the best of the worst is a festive green Snuggie.

The clip from AOLVideo is really a plug for a water bottle Damon’s brother created. The profits from bottle sales go to, a group that brings clean water anywhere it’s needed around the world.

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Nov 20 Ben Affleck and Matt Damon (and Steve) Team Up to Fight Hunger 0
Filed in: Charitable Causes , General News

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are hoping a couple of public service announcements will help take a bite out of hunger.

On behalf of Feeding America, the two pals have shot separate spots designed to raise awareness that 49 million Americans struggle to get food each day.

Matt successfully manages to infuse his PSA with a little lightheartedness while playing a man named Steve, who talks about having to go to a local food bank. Matt then turns from the camera to ask the real Steve, standing off to the side, to comment on his performance.

Ben, meanwhile, opts for a more straightforward, but certainly no less effective, approach to the subject…

Read more: E! Online

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Jul 8 2010 WSOP Ante Up For Africa: Matt Damon 0
Filed in: Charitable Causes , General News

2010 WSOP Ante Up For Africa: Matt Damon from

Go to Pokerlistings for more information. Thanks to Chirs!

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Oct 17 Matt Damon Narrates Video on World Hunger 0
Filed in: Charitable Causes , Multimedia Updates

The U.S. State Department released a video narrated by Matt Damon in late September to YouTube, describing the world food crisis and how global climate change will mean less food available for the 1.8 billion more people who will live on Earth by 2030.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton released a statement today, in recognition of World Food Day, on the need to combat global hunger and directs interested citizens to go to the State Department’s page on Global Food Security to learn more about what needs to be done.

Fighting hunger and poverty through sustainable agricultural development–making sure that enough food is available and that people have the resources to purchase it–is a key foreign policy objective of the Obama Administration. Food security is about economic, environmental, and national security for our individual homelands and the entire world.

In the coming years we have a unique opportunity to work with partners around the world to eradicate hunger. Major industrialized nations have committed more than $22 billion over three years to spur agriculture-led economic growth. Our investment in agriculture will complement our commitment to humanitarian aid, which plays a vital role in feeding some of the world’s most vulnerable

Read more at:
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Oct 10 Matt Damon Writes About Clean Water Woes 0
Filed in: Charitable Causes , General News

October 09, 2009: MATT DAMON has poured his heart out about his travels to the poorest parts of the world in a new essay for U.S. magazine Parade.
The actor turned journalist to pen a travelogue for the free publication, which will hit the streets in many national publications this weekend (10-11Oct09).

In his essay, The Bourne Supremacy star admits he was inspired to give to charity as a child, and would save up his allowance and hand it over to causes he felt passionate about.

He writes, ‘My mother was involved in all sorts of causes and when I was about 12, I started sending a little bit every month to one of them. I learned then that you find something that matters to you and it changes your whole mindset.’

And his passion for giving led him to his latest cause – finding clean water for the Third World’s kids.

Damon admits he has been deeply moved by the efforts of volunteers and aid workers in Africa as they fight to save children, like his own, from dying.

He adds, ‘Every 15 seconds, a child dies because of a lack of clean water and sanitation… A billion people on our planet will never have a clean drink of water.’

He also recalls meeting those struggling to survive in Haiti, Africa and India, and confesses he struggles to comprehend how some areas of the world are so poor while Americans take water and sanitation for granted.

Damon explains, ‘You can read about extreme poverty and possible solutions, but it’s really powerful when you get to meet the people and shake their hands and listen to their stories.

‘I was in Ethiopia earlier this year, and I watched children taking filthy water out of a hand-dug well and putting it in bottles to take to school. The water was so dirty, it looked like chocolate milk.

‘I wanted to knock it out of their hands and say, ‘Don’t drink that – it could kill you.’ The dilemma is that drinking nothing at all will kill them faster.’

Damon’s essay in Parade launches the publication’s America’s Giving Challenge, which aims to increase charity donations for international causes.

Source: New Kerala

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